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    Default Fifa 11 Club games(impressions)

    Well I was very disappointed with the new version of Fifa 11 Club last night, their were a few improvements which i liked but too many negative points which may or may not get ironed out with updates heres my views:


    • lobby better visually and the way you pick position's before initiating a game
    • playing as keeper looked a laugh and swiggy did well
    • subs and game starts quicker
    • Team Celebrations nice touch


    • Lobby kept freezing up
    • unable to initialize games frequently
    • very laggy
    • offsides WTF looks like they tried to tighten it up when they should have left well alone!
    • Freekicks way to strict once again should have eased off if anything
    • looks like little improvement on Random players do they improve at all not sure about that?
    • Through balls really tough but i think its just a case of getting used to a bit like the overall passing.

    Conclusions I think all of the changes we were expecting or hoping for have become worse lets just hope they get sorted with the updates!

    What do you guys think anything to add or disagree with?
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    Default Re: Fifa 11 Club games(impressions)

    Although i did actually enjoy last night, the minus points that you make Fuse are very fecking annoying!!! I know we spent 12 months complaining about fifa 10 but last night made fifa 10 look perfect of which it was far from!

    Personally i am going to write EA an email to complain about it but it's going to take alot more complaints than just mine for them to actually look into the matter.

    Realistically I think we will have to give them a few weeks to iron out the glitches but then again they had 12 months to get it right in the first place, bunch of overpaid half wits!

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    Default Re: Fifa 11 Club games(impressions)

    Haha swiggy was quality as the keeper. I agree with all your points though, i do think the lag issues and freezing will be sorted in the next patch. A couple of things i noticed when compared to fifa 10 though.

    • The ball needs to be played to feet alot more now, rather than through balls.

    • We need to lay off the sprint button. Use just the left stick to get round a player, its alot easier now.

    • Free kicks 30+ yards out need to be floated into the box instead of shooting. Attackers now get their heads onto it which was really hard in Fifa 10.

    The lag is a problem though, a couple of times espesh when Parsnips squared it, i pressed shoot 10 minutes before but nothing happened

    I think it will get better though, im sure we can have a practice game against the AI. Not 100% though

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    Default Re: Fifa 11 Club games(impressions)

    Well i just ventured online for my 1st and 2nd ranked match

    Got beat both times, is the game laggy? are EA's servers running really bad today? is it my isp?

    I swear to god everytime i get the ball i just get pushed off it, don't even have time to trap it or even think of a skill move, there may as well be 10 people in front of my striker he will never get through, one lad had chelsea and was just hitting through balls onto drogba who just happened to be stood inbetween both my stupid centre backs, i am not getting this at all, i am close to snapping the disk atm, had 75% win on fifa10 and cant win fuck all with this new version.

    They are second best to everything my players, even Evra is out sprinted by randoms.
    I got a free kick against me for running with the ball? absolutley nothing happened they scored from it.

    Through balls don't work, everybody loves hitting through balls for strikers to run onto, forget that, if they even get anywhere near to a forward player (who 9/10 is having a cup of tea and doesn't look interested/or running the wrong way)

    I am guessing my ranked opponents are level 1 skill level?

    Either my game is bugged or I just cant play anymore or i have some serious config issue

    Clubs is a joke as mentioned above, crashes every game (if you can actually find a game)
    lmao that club lost 1000000000000000000000 for a draw with us?

    They should not be able to sell this shit without it working, I feel like taking it back to the shop saying it does not work, i would be well within my rights!!

    EA server connection lost every 5 minutes? seriously ok this game is big, so they have not thought about adding more servers with the multi millions they are making?

    IGN and Gamespot need to take there heads out of EA's arses, the game does not even work and its a 9.5/10 fookers

    right now i would say 10 is much much much better than 11

    PES is looking good at the moment
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    Default Re: Fifa 11 Club games(impressions)

    I was disappointed with getting bombed out of games on a couple of occassions and the system crashing everytime an online match finished, but overall the game play is closer to reality than any previous version.

    I think everyone is hung up on doing skill moves and expecting to waltz past defenders everytime as in previous versions - positional sense and making the right runs are more important this time round.

    Still loving career mode

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