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Thread: Lego Wiimote

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    Wii Lego Wiimote

    Lego has launched a Play & Build Remote for the Nintendo Wii in a perfect coming together of old-world and new-world gaming sensibilities.
    The Lego Wiimote isn’t so much one single colour as a mixture of just about all of them, and sadly you don’t have to earn your gaming stripes by actually building the remote from individual blocks.But it’s unmistakably Lego nonetheless, and the unit does have some exposed brick real estate should you want to build on the unit’s existing form factor using some bricks of your own – for whatever reason.More importantly – or it should be, anyway – is that it’s very much a full-functioning Wii Remote, and even comes with a fetching bright red strap to match is brightly coloured lines.Lego/Wii crossover fans in the US can get their brick-loving hands on the Play & Build Remote for $40 as of the weekend. We’re still waiting to hear what it’ll set you back this side of the pond.
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    I want one!!

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    Default Re: Lego Wiimote

    Excellent, give it a day and they'll be on eBay and I'll be ordering one.

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