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    doughboy said:

    Help non booting xp ide drive


    Parents bought a new comp, and needed some info off of the old drive. Took it home with me and said I'd do it, as their new pc has no ide.

    HD won't boot. I can read it from my drive, but their drive reboots almost as soon as their xp boot image appears.

    So I tried an xp repair...the keeping old data version...but that failed....several times. It simply said repair complete...reboot etc etc, but a reboot is the same as before, ie maybe not even see the xp flash screen and reboot.

    This is really bugging me....

    Now, you want to know why I can't just copy data onto their new pc from within my OS??

    They have a paid sub to norton. Their new norton on their new pc won't accept their old reg details. I read that I need to unreg the old AV so the new one can use it. But it seems the old drive is fubar, so I can't...

    My mother has emailed them, but they sent her back installation help files

    Any ideas people??
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    Easiest way is to get a usb-ide adaptor and plug into the new pc and copy the data over.

    If it's not worth your while to get an adaptor,

    Start from a boot floppy or f8 and boot to command line then delete the c:\windows folder and c:\program files folder.

    Also rename documents and settings folder to something else just to make sure your profiles with all the data don't get overwritten. (Normally it keeps the old profiles and sets the new ones up with the pc name appended to the username but better to be safe then sorry).

    Then install windows from scratch (but don't format the drive) and you should be done.

    Then never use a norton product ever again.
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    Norton is wank so ditch it and use a free alternative like avast. Then copy the data off with the drive connected as slave.

    If the drive starts to boot then restarts there may be a BSOD (possibly 0x0000007B). To check for a BSOD tap F8 during boot and select disable automatic restart on system failure. If you have a 0x0000007B then enter BIOS and switch from AHCI to IDE or compatibility.

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    Cheers guys.

    Overcarl, I tried what you suggested and it worked just fine.

    I was then able to boot it up, and use the official norton removal tool which freed up their serial number. They've now been able to register norton on the new pc.

    I told them to remove it and use something like eset, but my mother has already paid her subs to symantec.