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    Help New Tattoo question about healing?

    Hi all

    So last week when in the US i got myself a tattoo from Adrenaline in New Jersey. Place was excellent and the artist was amazing!

    He told me that the tattoo would not blister at all and would only peele like sun burn, which is exactly what has happened.

    The only problem I seem to be having is the fact my arm, on which i got the tattoo. is aching throughout the day. It kind of feels like i need to click my shoulder bone and movement of the shoulder joint is very stiff and sore.

    As its been over 10 years since my last tattoo i was just wondering if this is normal, the pain is not unbearable, and it doesn't really hinder my usage of my arm, i just don't remember this happening when i got my last one.


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    Default Re: New Tattoo question about healing?

    Stiffness and soreness is normal afer a tattoo mate, but the pain should get less and less every day after it is done.

    If you think it has got worse then you could have an infection so keep an eye on it and maybe get to the docs.

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