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    Attention Hacked Pros?

    So as we have seen their seems to be a rise in people cheating in Clubs by unfairly altering the stats of their Virtual Pros. Any ideas what we can do to minimise the issue? It looks like reporting them to EA doesn't seem to have much of an effect.

    The only thing I can think of is too look closer at the team in the first 5 minutes so we can quit out, I get the feeling also that hacked teams let the opposition score in the first 5 minutes so they don't quit out knowing full well they can overcome them with their hacked Pros!

    Theirs no way you can check the Club or players any more before a game starts is their? We could build up a list of names but that's going to be a pretty thankless task!
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    Just for everyones information:

    This is the original thread on the EA Forums regarding the bans: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    This is a thread I made after reading it: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    (I didnt realise how long it was til I posted it, I got carried away!)

    Like you say though mate, without any way to see the stats before the game, they can just play crap, let you score, not sprint etc til after the 5mins and then it's too late.

    I noticed when we quit on that 6-1 the other night that the next game was still the final, but I'm not sure if that was because we quit at the right time, whether the game saw the hacked pros and didn't count the game or if it was just pure luck - whichever we still didn;t know it was still the final til the final whistle, which is shite.

    I won't type any more here as I ranted a bit on the thread above, but I don't think there is a lot we can do until EA pull their finger out their arses and do something.

    PS. Quite an interesting thread on hacked pro's in the leaderboards, which is a joke!
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    Agree with your EA post and what you've said on here. The final is weird it seems to happen every time a team quits out. Its happened to us many times as its usually the other team that quits out and we end up playing the final again!

    It seems a large amount of Keepers are hacked as well which explains a lot, So I suggest we try and minimise the problem by using the 5 minutes to see if we can see possible hacked pro's.
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    Me and Rikman got to a final after you left last night, and both of their players were hacked, striker and the keeper. They were absolutely shit too but you just can't do anything when they're that fast and big.

    I messaged one at half time saying "hacked pro's boring zzz" and he replied back just saying "legit". Yeah of course when you have full energy in the 2nd half of extra time... Anyway at the end I just said "good job i've recorded the match, we'll see what EA think, you should be banned soon".... He never replied to that. I wasn't recording either, but just maybe they're restart their pro or something thinking they'll be banned else.

    I did it last week at half time, and the other teams hacked pro's hardly ran in the 2nd half and were totally shit, i dont know if they're were trying to hide the fact they were hacked or what.

    Every time a team quits or have hacked pro's I normally message them and have a lil argument, good fun lol
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    Haha, yeah I do the same, and messaged them last night as well.

    They played dumb as usual, saying he is just 6ft 7", not hacked, and I then tell them to check the EA Forums cos I will be posting their details on there and to enjoy their ban.

    Like you say it might make them think twice or play shit to cover it up, which helps.

    That final last night took the piss though, constantly giving it to the hacked forward and him trying to run round out players who couldn't catch him.

    Proper pissed me off but we did well drawing 2-2 with them and then lost on pens (I think? It was late lol)

    Last night before you came on danny I think we maybe had 1 game all night with a hacked pro, which is deffo an improvement - maybe the servers sense your presence and point hacked pros in your direction to give you a challenge?
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    We were quite lucky not to get any earlier in the evening.

    Meanwhile I will be putting in the hours this weekend to get my pro back up to a reasonable standard. I emailed EA about the issue but not heard back. It's very odd because my player hub shows my old achievements still but with a mid 70's rated pro.

    Suffice to say my son will be having to play FIFA this weekend on world class using my pro too. (bit of a win / win punishment for him isn't it? lol)

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    You might be right Rikman it didn't seem as bad the other night which is why i think we won a cup. I checked out that Shelfield FC team the one that beat us after being 3-0 down but I couldn't see any sign of hacked Pros so fair play to them did feel a bit weird but their you go.

    I enjoyed my time as Any but obviously need to improve not even close to Danny standard and I did get tired quicker because of the extra concentration so sorry for the "oh you knob head" comments when the randoms couldn't pass 2 feet in front of them!

    Punishments aren't what they used to be eh Andy!! can you imagine harry telling his kids "well back in 2012 you know what my punishment was actually having to play Fifa 12 all weekend"
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    Lol, kids today eh? Perhaps it's time to shove him up the chimney.