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    Attention Tonights games

    Hi All,

    I guess most of us will be watching the match tonight even the none United fans so shall we start after the Match?
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    I think im off out to watch it so i'll be on a bit later I probably
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    Yep. Let's start after a crushing United victory!

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    Deffo! Catch you all later, hopefully in a good mood and if not Swiggy will just have to be prepared for some abuse.
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    I'm sure I'll be able to Reciprocate with any abuse I receive on Newcastle's recent result seeing how Man U also got beaten by them but If city win tonight be prepared for barrages of abuse about Man united
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    *Mutes Swiggy*
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    Beat me to it danny haha!

    Yeah I'll be watching too, not be this nervous for a game for years - since maybe the 90th minute in the 99 CL Final, and we all know what happened there!
    We only need a draw but I'm sure it's gonna be a top game for the neutrals to watch as well.

    On a plus note, I messaged the keeper asking if he was bored and if he wanted to carry on or not bother as we could do with knowing.

    Got a reply saying "I'd be happy to play for you guys" - so happy days!

    If you all wanna add him his GT is: Uk II A d A m x

    Not sure if he decided to play cos we were pretty good and unbeaten when he played with danny as any, or cos I said he might have more to do in future as danny wants a break from any (no offense fuse I know how fuckin hard hard it is lol!) but either way it can't hurt to have a keeper behind whoever plays any.

    He played really well the other night, kept us in some games at points and his distribution was also top class, so hopefully he will become a regular.

    I'll message him now to tell him we'll all be on after the game tonight, but don't forget to add him to you friends list.
    Except you swiggy, we don't want him bored off with Newcastle talk too soon lol!

    Catch you all later!
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    Excellent Yep I'm happy to go any again for a bit, if you can stand my cursing! which is probably the reason Danny doesn't have a Mic!

    Hopefully a decent game for us Neutrals and then straight into a Cup win!
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    Whats the lag control like in Fifa12 clubs? Have they improved things since the appaling Fifa11 clubs?
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    I hardly get any lag at all mate and I'm only on a 20mb connection - it does happen rarely, but usually clears up within 10-20secs.

    The response when trying to make a pass/shoot while it does it's stupid scripted animations is another matter!
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    Of we don't pull a goal back I'm going to be pissed off and pissed.

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    Sorry I was so late coming on last night, ended up going casino again, and no, I werent drunk

    Anyway me and Rikman stayed on after Fuse left, I think we went on about a 10 game winning streak or close to that, won a final anyway and then a couple rounds until we couldn't find a game, so had to play league games. We absolutely battered most of the teams and scored some cracking goals

    We beat a team who had 6000 points, with 10 men....(yes Rikman ) and of course they sent me a message to "get a life because I play Fifa too much" lol
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    Lol. You must have found all the weak teams at that time of the morning. So what are the points back up to now, we were down to about 3900 at one stage?

    It was a really frustrating set of games last night, nothing seemed to work for me. Or maybe it's because I'm crap!

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    Danny your banned from the casino on Monday and Thursday night lol!

    Yeah we went on a great run, really did batter teams off the pitch, proper nice quick passing, one touch, layoffs, flicks the lot, and like danny said we beat a team with 6000pts 2-0 or 3-0 after I got sent off in the 60th minute (sorry danny lol!) and even then with 10 men and the horrible 2 players as any controls we still had more chances than them.

    It made me think about why it isn't like that when more of us play, cos in theory there should be more human players able to make better runs into space, and cover better etc that the computer doesn't when it's AI controlled.

    Yet we seem to get in each others way more than anything at times, and only once in every 3-4 phases of play do we all seem to click onto the same wavelength, yet being the nice blokes that we are and it being just a game of FIFA we just get on with it and don't really say anything when we think someone has/has not done something.

    I'm sure there are times when we all get frustrated at each other during a game, that's only natural as it happens in real football. The only difference is I don't know you guys in person / on the real pitch so I don't say much but in real football I am a leader and a bit of a gobby bastard and regularly rip new arseholes Roy Keane style, which is all forgotten about over a pint after the game as it's not malicious I just want to win - which obviously doesn't happen on FIFA and I don't want to make enemies so don't bother saying much over a mic as it's a completely different situation.

    So without meaning to offend anyone in anyway whatsoever, I am gonna write a few points (general and specific to players) down that people may not agree with or may not like or whatever, and I encourage you lot to do the same about what you think is going wrong/could be improved.

    Like I've said before it is just a game, but we do want to win and I think if we are gonna push on to get above this bloody 4k mark that we seem to be hovering around then I think we need to tighten up our game and stop wasting the amount of opportunities we get in a game.

    We all know we kill the possession most games, and we should be using that more effectively, as at the moment we can be battering teams and then through sloppy play somewhere we are suddenly 1-0 or 2-0 down out of nowhere after having played well but wasting chances and not using the possession / pitch / players we have to their full advantage.

    As above this thinking was brought on by playing with danny last night and it all just seemed so easy and we were literally ripping really good teams apart, just by playing simple, unselfish football and making angles for passes.
    If we could nail that recipe down with 5-6 of us playing then it would be 3x as good, which is exciting to think about and would allow us all to enjoy playing a lot more - it's always better when you win right?

    So...firstly individuals, then the overall team - and this isn't a rant so please so don't take anything personal - just observations for improvement and I welcome them back about myself.

    I think you are an excellent player, a great finisher who scores some great goals and makes some nice assists, but not consistently enough - kinda like Nani at Utd or Ronaldo in his early years when he would often try to do too much and end up with nothing.

    I notice sometimes there will be a simple 5-10yd pass on straight in front in you which you could use for a 1-2 or just to keep the ball moving, but you'll often try and take on the defender or try a skill, or even turn the opposite way from the open teammate and then say you tried to pass to him.

    I know there are issues with response on buttons, but not to the point where the man turns the opposite way from where you said you were trying to pass - that means that you pressed the opposite direction!

    Now there is nothing wrong with trying to take on a defender, but if it doesn't work then you have to try something else. If you do beat him them maybe a bit more communication on the mic as to where you are going to put the cross as a lot of your good work is wasted when the cross falls in between the players making it into the box as we don't know where to run to get on the end of it.

    I know it's more than likely going to be a high cross though, so maybe mix that up also with low/med/high etc

    There is no need to try and be a hero every time you get the ball, and a simple 10yd pass is better than beating a man (especially in FIFA) as a simple set of three 5-10yd passes in a triangle can take out 4-5 players sometimes as the AI in the game doesn't pass on marking duties very well so you can literally slice open teams with quick passing and movement.

    Do not be scared to pass backwards, even if it all the way back to a defender if he is open, and when receiveing a ball you do not have to instantly turn into and/or take it past a defender. Take it running back towards goal for a touch or two, get your body in between the defender and the ball, assess your options and then turn if you are able to, or lay it off and make a run, switch play, shoot or whatever - just try and make sure we keep possession.

    Also we need to tighten up your movement when you are upfront as you are often dropping (imo) too deep chasing the ball rather than keeping your position, too wide when further up the pitch leaving no room for runners and leaving the middle empty as you are essentially trying to cross to where you should be yourself, or as I mentioned last night (Mr Hernandez ) you are offside by quite a way.

    I understand offsides happen, but you get caught offside more often than you should for a player with your ability, so maybe try watching the radar a bit more or not sprinting those first 2yards - basically try and get some system down where you are not onside a lot more as your player is pretty quick and would beat most AI defenders to a through ball if you started 2yds behind them, so to be offside it kind of unnecesary.

    When I am trying to run the overlap from when the RB/LB has the ball you are often in the position I would be running into as I do the overlap, so I don't make the run, but then you don't either and the RB/LB then has nobody to play the ball into, or you will be running away from the RB/LB which leaves no out for the player with the ball and usually a loss of possession.

    You have done it a few times when I said the other night where if the RS/LS drops towards to RB/LB for the pass up the line, this drags the defender with you and then I (or a RCM/LCM) can run into the space behind for another ball up the line - then we have acres of space to either run into, pull back or cross depending on what the other midfielders or striker on the other side has managed to do......which leads me to....

    First mate it's a real shame about you losing your old VP, as I have said before he was really good in the air and you scored some crackers with him, but sadly he is no more (RIP VP!) and so the more you play the better this one will get, and there isn't much we can do about that except keep playing.

    In terms of you game I think your a decent player who with some fine tuning could become a really good player.

    Firstly I think your reaction time could be improved, both in terms of running and passing/shooting.
    Often I notice when you get the ball there is a period of 1sec or more when you seem to run/jog in a straight line while you think about what to do, and in this time you either hit a defender or miss the opportunity for a pass and have to turn back etc.

    This will come with time also, but maybe try and have an idea of what you want to do before the ball gets to you and try a few more first time passes for 1-2's or just to switch the play. The quicker you pass in FIFA the better as the AI takes a while to catch up and by the time they have closed a player down if the ball can be gone then that leaves space for other players to exploit.

    Also maybe work on your sprint management / player movement, as often I will be waiting for you to make a run to play you through or drag away a defender and you will be stood still watching me run towards you.
    Then other times I will play a ball into you thinking you are going to be stood still, and as I play it you sprint off on a run I wanted you to make last time probably communication as well on the mics would help here.

    Also as with swiggy you don't always have to try and turn as soon as you receive the ball, get your body between the defender and the ball and retain possession - even if that means passing backwards and starting again on the other side or whatever, we must retain possession.

    You make some good runs up the wings and fire in some great crosses, but not often enough.
    You seem to wait for the defender to catch you up before you attempt to do anything and by then the oppotunity for a cross/pass is lost and you are either tackled or have to turn back, which is easy to read as it's pretty much the only option left at that point - but this goes with above about reaction time/player movement.

    Lastly you need to work on your offsides and running the line as you many a time we are flying up the wings attacking only for me to see you sprinting back towards our goal after realising you were miles offside and overcompensating lol!

    When that happens we lose a striker for that phase and are essentially a man down which can't be a good thing, so better management of your position using the radar / select button to change camera etc would be good.

    I can't really say too much about your game mate as I havn't played with you as much as the other guys, and usually only for 3-4 games when your on, but you are a good player.

    I have noticed you tend to try and dart straight up the wing and outrun the LB/RB quite a lot so maybe try something different and mix it up a bit to keep their any guessing - come back, cut inside, 1-2 etc and not be so predictable.

    As with swiggy/andy you don't need to turn as soon as you receive then ball, protect it, come back or come inside and look for the return etc as your player is quick and will beat most AI in a straight sprint to a ball in behind.

    Also quicker passing, first time or 2 touch if possible, just try to retain possession for the team and keep your body between the ball and the defender.

    In saying that the other night we played some good passing stuff between us and you did exactly what I suggested above, so maybe it's a mute point.

    mr fuse
    Not a lot to say about your play mate, except GET OUT THE FUCKING WAY!!!!
    Seriously though...GET OUT THE FUCKING WAY!! LOL - sorry couldn't resist hahaha!

    Serious now, nothing major mate, just the usual stuff we all do which I'll cover in the "General Team" bit at the bottom, but there is nothing that stands out (to me at least) as an issue that needs to be worked on other than (as I just said) the usual stuff which we could all improve on, so read the "General Team" bit.

    I think it would be unfair to say anything about about danny really as he plays any better than all of us put together, and we all know how hard that it is, so danny gets a free pass.

    Now I can't really comment on myself but I am by no means a FIFA expert, so I welcome your thoughts on my play and what you think the team should be doing as a whole and where I can do better individually.

    What I will say is that I need to work on my shooting as 9/10 I will fire them wide by few inches or have them blocked.
    I do try and pass/layoff as much as possible but so close to the goal it usually gets cleared so if I could improve my shooting then maybe we would get more goals and win more games as playing CAM more often than not they fall to me.

    I am as guilty as anyone for having moments of "glory" and trying a 40yd ball instead of laying it off simple to a teamate, or trying a skill (which I'm shit at) and losing it - and sadly it feels like every time I make a mistake they get a shot on goal which only make me feel more of a twat lol.

    It's that thing where you see the easy ball/run etc, and at the last millisecond you see something and go for it, which ultimately fails as the passing in FIFA is random at best, and you promise yourself next time I'll play it simple.

    Then it happens!

    In my defence my ball to swiggy the other other night should allow me the odd attempt (same as everyone else should be able to fuck up without worrying - just not the same mistake repeatedly over and over).

    It's hard to comment on yourself, so your thoughts and opinions are welcomed...

    OK so this is where we all need to improve and gel a bit more if we want to break that 4000pts mark, and if we can do this after last nights games I had with danny I think we could go 5k/6k even without a keeper.

    I say that as last night we kept the ball so well and used it so well that the chances we got at the end of the move were quite easy finishes as their entire team was pulled so far out of position with simple passing and moving that there was no pressure on the finisher - and because we kept the ball so well they hardly had a chance.

    A few of the games we won last night ended with then having 1/2 shots in the whole game, 0 on target.
    If they don't have a shot on target then we cannot lose!

    So, I think we all need to start realising we play as our VP's, and it is meant to be a realistic game of football.

    My point here is that you don't see good players not passing the ball, and not keeping to their positions and trusting their team-mates.

    Have you ever seen Valencia running up the wing with the ball, and then Rooney, Wellbeck and Carrick all chasing him or running to the same spot on the pitch? - No neither have I!

    Depending what side the attack is on you will get the RS/LS making the run in front of him (either dropping to receive it or using good movement to get in behind and lose the defender, and the other striker taking up a position between defenders ready for a ball into feet or ready for the second phase if he plays up the line etc.

    You will have the RCM/LCM inside of him between players ready to receive and switch play if needed, and in our formation the CAM will be making that overlapping run I talked about earlier as the AI do not pick up runners very well and it's pretty much a free attempt at goal if played right.

    This is also the best way to approach a human GK as once the overlap is done then then there will be players already in the box (second striker) and players coming into the box (striker that dropped for the overlap and the LCM/RCM) ready for a ball across to beat the superhuman keepers that seem to save every other type of shot.

    So my point being that if someone has the ball or is running into space, remember what position you are playing and take up that position - if the ball doesn;t get to you then it doesn;t get to you, but at least you will be there if it does.

    If someone is making a run out onto the wing, there is no need to follow them.
    All you are doing there is making it easier for the opposition to mark/tackle you and then when they do, because you have moved out of your position to try and get on the ball they have an easy out with a switch of play or ball to a free man where you should be or whatever and this is often where us getting stung on counter-attacks comes from.

    Make your own run, find your own space, and trust that your team-mate will make the right choice when it comes to his pass/run/movement - if he doesn't then it isn't your fault and yes it's frustrating, but we need to get this mentality into our game and we will then see where things are breaking down and work on those.

    So just think and try and make intelligent runs.
    We are not 5yr olds who play like ants and follow the ball in groups (which is what happens when you coach young kids) - we need to stick to our shape and create space not only for ourselves but for each other.

    Making a run or holding position and taking a man with you to create space is just as good as a through ball or a tackle for the team, and just because you didn't touch the ball doesn't mean you have to run around like a headless chicken chasing it everywhere just to try and make your mark on a game.

    Related to this is that we don't always have to be moving forward.
    Last night me and danny scored goals where 2/3 passes across or backwards and taking our time was all it needed to draw the defence forward enough to allow space for a through ball / 1-2 etc which could not be intercepted, whereas we seem to rush these balls and it's a "pass forward now" or "always sprint forward" mentality which often leads to us losing possession as we are trying to play into a space that hasn't been created yet.

    This also leads to a lot of offsides with the constant sprinting forward in straght lines.

    With the movement of the team, it kind of ties into the always going forward mentality, is that we need to create angles for the player on the ball and position your pro in between the defending team.

    It's a similar thing to the "triangles" I'm sure we have all done in 5-a-side where they opposition just cannot get near it.
    Instead of running and chasing a ball over the top, or trying to outmuscle a defender, win a header etc, all it takes is for a bit of thinking and to drop into a gap between 2 of there players where you can receive a pass from the man with the ball.

    I play most games holding LB (maybe different for you as I change my buttons) which is the jockey button and makes your player face the ball.
    This does 2 things, it means you are in complete control of your player as he isn't sprinting, and that your player is facing the ball so when he receives it his body is in between the ball and the defender.

    So as long as you don't try to instantly turn and sprint and end up running straght into the defender (see holding the ball stuff above) then there is no reason why you cannot play another quick easy ball to a teammate who has then moved himself into a position to recieve the ball, and on and on.

    Obviously there are bad reffing decisions and times when turning and sprinting etc is the better option, but you have to work that out for yourself as to how the play is developing, and that will be different every game so we need to have a bit of nouse about us to read situations and react to them quickly.

    Most of the time you don't have time to control the ball without a defender nibbling at you, never mind to control it, take 4 touches while you look around ther pitch to try and see what to do etc - this stuff needs to be done before you get the ball and if not then you need to make sure you retain possession in some way while you try and work out the best option - and this is made easier if everyone gives an angle for the person with the ball, so it all ties in together and is most definately a team thing.

    Lastly as the saying goes "It's better to try and fail than to never try at all!".
    By this I mean that if you attempt a pass/shot etc, and it gets blocked, goes out of play or is way off target - that is fine and sooo much better than seeing that someone hasn't even attempted to bother trying to do it.

    We are all guilty of it, and I know FIFA has lag/button delay/animations/scripting etc so it is hard to tell sometimes if someone has genuinely tried or is just saying they tried, but there are also times when it is obvious is someone has not tried something then said that they were trying to do x or y.

    Remember that everyone can see the game on screen, so telling porkies is pointless.
    Everyone makes mistakes, if you fuck up or make a bad decision, apologise and get on with it, and make sure you don't make that same mistake twice.

    Nobody is gonna get the hump with anyone for trying something that doesn't come off, but if people are not even trying to do things (simple passes mainly) then it starts to get frustrating very quickly. It's a team game!

    I know this is all easier said than done, and also harder to do when there are more players, but I would say we are all more intelligent than the AI on FIFA, so we should be able to keep shape at least as well as the AI does.
    We should be able to pass better than the AI does, make better runs, do more unexpected things and pull teams out of shape better than the AI does, leep possesion better, shoot better etc get my point.

    This has kinda turned into a War & Peace style post so I'll stop now, but I hope nobody has taken it the wrong way and understands I just want us to play better as a team and win more games, which = more enjoyment for everyone.

    Some may think that's sad but we all plough a fair few hours of our lives into FIFA and I for one would like to play as well as we can and I think after playing with danny last night it's opened my eyes to how enjoyable it can be.

    I'm not just blwoing my own or danny's trumpet either as we just played really simple, unselfish football.
    Passing when we could have shot and gone for glory but someone else was in a better position, running to make space for another player, laying balls off in and around the box rather than panic shooting, playing the ball backwards and timing that with another forward run to get behind the defence, playing quick balls first time or 2 touch and not plodding around for a bit thinking what to do etc etc - but this was all only possible because we made options and angles for each other to be able to play a first time ball or see an open man to pass to before it gets to you.

    If we don't help each other out in this regard then you are forced to take a touch as there are no angles to pass quickly and we end up lumping the dreaded over the top ball and then we are back to defending.

    We all need to be on the same wavelength, Barcelona don't play the football they do by "seeing what happens" in the moment, they know each others game inside out and trust their team-mates to spot their run, play that pass etc.

    All basic football principles that work in FIFA as well as they do in real football, and ended up with us battering teams that had 3k/4k/5k/6k points with relative easy an 10 men!

    If your still reading, well done lol, and like I said no offence to anyone, it might sound a bit serious but all this writing could probably be explained in a 2min highlight video but I don't have that luxury.

    We have a good set of lads, good banter and good players - we just need to tighten our game up to crack this 4000pts.

    (War and) Peace out!
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    The main problem I have is I know a lot of these problems myself, its just that I don't have the time or patients to learn to become a passer and a finisher, as with the first game last night I tried to be a heavy passer and because of it my finishing suffered a lot and vice versa. I'm a lot like a single minded player when it comes to decision making, once I decide what move I want to make I will completely focus on doing that one move then think about what I want to do again. About the offsides bit; I do try and drop short and what not but then often when I do try and initiate a run through the defence to beat them from further back, the run isn't picked up quick enough or not noticed at all with the ball being played else where. Now I'm as guilty of this as anyone in some cases, but it just gets frustrating when you're playing as a striker making runs through the defence and no one notices when you beat the last defender to make a run into open space on goal. This is why I now often just sit on the line of the last defender rather than actually dropping and trying to run into the space from further back.
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    You c*nt. I quit. I'm not playing for you lot again. I only come on for a bit of a laugh. I don't f*cking need that.

    LOL. Only joking. I agree with just about all your points there Rikman. Very good assessment of everything, can't complain with your assessment of my game either and nothing i'm not conscious of already really.

    It's little things like the jockeying LB that i don't know about it, that i'll pick up. I must admit my pro doesn't feel as good as he did before he died on me, even though this one has about the same number of points now.

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    First thank fuck nobody has spat their dummy out, these are all suggestions / opinions.

    I don't think you need to learn to be a passer or a finisher mate, they are not mutually exclusive.

    I am not talking about learning to bend 40yd balls between defenders, mainly they are simple short passes into feet which any player can do (except maybe the randoms!) and don't really need to be "learnt", you are capable of them already it's just decision making I think that needs work.

    As for the "heavy passing game" or "spectacular stuff" you mentioned last night, I will be completely honest and say I didn't actually notice any difference between the two "modes" you said you were playing in.

    The "single minded player" bit I don't understand really as when I asked you the other week about the crossing and saying where you were going to put it you said you didn't know and just react to whats happening as it happens, which doesn't really fit into the "make my mind up and do it regardless" bit above?

    About the runs through the defence, I completely agree to a point.
    It's the same as me making a run and using up all my energy to run on from midfield and then someone not playing a 10yd ball into me instead lumping it into box onto a defenders head or even worse keeping the ball and running directly to where I am stood - why not just pass it and run off me for the return? (not you specifically just making a point)

    That doesn't mean I will stop making those runs though - as you see by how many times I pull my hamstring every game lol!

    I think it fits in with the understanding each others game bit in my OP, if we can build on that then you will start to know when and where the ball might/might not be going a few passes before it happens and stop wasting energy on runs that are not needed.

    However, if that run you make takes out a defender and leaves space for another player to fill in the gap, then I think that run is worthwhile and just because you didn't get the ball that time doesn't mean you should stop making any runs and sit in an offside position waiting for someone to give it to you. As I said above it's a team game.

    The problem with you coming deep and sitting in is that your playing as a striker, yet sitting in a CAM kind of position taking up space in an already crowded midfield.

    Whichever one of us gets the ball then, there is only a lone striker to hit, which is no good, and your finishing is really good so I think having you up front taking the shots is probably your best position, but thats upto you as to what position you want to take?

    Diatribe in the shoutbox...and then that first line, you had me for a sec you twat LOL!
    Was about to send you a pink fluffy handbag in the post!

    I'm sure you are aware already mate, and in no way am I having a pop at anyone, so glad you didn't take it that way.
    The jockeying might not be LB for you as I change my buttons round (years of PES playing) but yeah that does help and comes with time and practice.

    ie. If you hold LT (1-2 button) when you play a pass then your player will turn and run quicker than he would if you just press A and try and turn and go for the 1-2 yourself.

    If you can combine this with playing a first time pass (So LT+A and direction before the ball gets to you) then you will have played the ball, turned quickly and be on your way running before the AI has even got near you, and if your free then you'll get the return ball for a shot/pass/cross etc, or will have taken a chasing defender out of the game for somebody else to exploit.

    As for the heading on your pro, maybe check your accomplishments as his overall might be the same, but you might have more accomplishments in other areas on this VP where you maybe had them in heading on the old VP? Just a thought.
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    What I meant was that I look around firstly for something to do, which is what I meant by I react to surroundings then I'll make a decision based on my instincts in the situation, but I then kind of get tunnel vision in that I'll focus solely on that decision and sometimes fail to notice passes. One thing I think we do need to do is try communicate positions on MIC (Unlucky danny ) so if either me or anyone else makes a good run you should tell people cause it might help draw their attention to it if they don't notice.
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    rIKmAN said:

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    Yeah definately swiggy, that would help a lot in terms of knowing what each other are planning to do, even if it's not the next direct pass, the person after that first pass will know and can maybe slot the person running in etc.

    PS. Danny is a jedi, he needs no mic lol!
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    mr_fuse said:

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    Oh wow where do I begin what a post! Cheers mate for putting the time and effort into it, much appreciated great post and very valid points.

    I enjoyed the end of the last nights games, as when I left we had just won the Final and we did play well. Its frustrating watching Danny play as Any as he does it so well. The randoms seem twice as fast when hes got control, mine fall over each other and go off signing autographs during a game!
    Apologies for my play when I'm any as it is so annoying at times when passes go astray and you cant switch player in time, I think even Danny finds this to be the case at times but we cant hear his swearing lol.

    I don't think I can add anything to your comments apart from appreciation to everyone for taking the comments on board and reacting in the right way

    Just a few thoughts from me really that its all about being balanced, I have no problem people shooting from distance,trying tricks,long passes,being offside,dribbling and being in a different part of the field than their position. All those things are fine in moderation and at the right time, I often say its about mixing it up keeping the opposition guessing.
    Out running a defender can work but if after 2 or 3 attempts it hasn't been, lay it back to Danny and go for the return or a quick pass to midfield keeping the ball as much as possible. (I know passing can be random at times)

    I still enjoy playing football even though I'm getting on a bit and I think my favorite saying is "easy ball". Im no Liverpool fan but as Shankly once said "Football is a simple game made complicated by people who should know better."

    Just a quick small point on positional play, when we have a corner the game often puts a striker or midfielder on the halfway line and the tendency is too start moving your player towards the box, It might be better to hold him their or move him closer to an opposition player as often we get caught on the break

    One last thing will you lot get out of my Bloody way! Sorry I'm not sure if you believe me or not but at times my player is dragged to the ball like the fucking death star! I do attempt to cancel it but similar to the offside I need to be a bit sharper at it so sorry guys Ill work on that.

    Cheers guys for your time and effort in making Mondays and Thursdays lets at least attempt the suggestions, it will be a start in the right direction which hopefully will lead to better play.