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    Been thinking a bit about this too. I reckon we all need to be a bit more vocal and not be shy to call for a ball or shout where you are etc.

    I know we don't get a lot of time on the ball sometimes but a good clear shout from each other will help to formulate the next phase of play.

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    First off lads - thanks for taking my post the way it was intended, not a dig at anyone or a personal attack or whatever.

    Simply I reckon we could shit all over 99% of the teams we lose against with a bit of tightening up and some sort of gameplan and understanding of each others play - that's all.

    OK so after re-reading my wall of text I thought a lot of it could be explained easier with a diagram or a graphic of some sort, so I knocked this up quickly while watching the United game on SkyGo.

    This is the CAM Overlap I have mentioned before on the mic, but a picture paints a thousand words and all that jazz.

    Basically it involves the striker dropping nto midfield to pick up the ball off a full back, this drags the defenders with him allowing the CAM to run through the gap left and then receive another ball up the line from the striker.

    In the meantime the spare striker and the LCM/RCM are also coming up to support the attack, hanging on the edge of the box for a pull back, or clearance which would fall right to them (yeah right lol!) buty you get the idea.

    Also if the defenders do catch up to the CAM before he can get it across there is the option to turn back and play it back to the supporting player behind him, who can move it on, switch it etc, just keep possession basically.

    This gives a guaranteed chance at goal as the AI does not pass the runners on quick enough.
    Obviously this works both sides just flip the roles for andy/swiggy (or whoever is striker)

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    Yeah this might be sad haha, but if we can get a few "go-to" moves that we all understand what is going to happen next depending on where on the pitch the ball is then it will go a long way to heping us gel and flow a lot better together as a team.

    It's simple enough but any questions just ask.
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    Nice one for going to the effort, all cracking comments! but fuck me Rick you have way too much time on your hands! lol (Do you even have a job??) Certainly glad you didn't have to tap all that out on the xbox pad!

    Has a bit of feel like the Warhead days apart from the tears and controller smashing(only kidding Shane you big bitch ;-) )

    Will try and get on for Thursday but will have to see.
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    Sorry I wasn't around last night forgot it was a Bank holiday and wouldn't be back to play. How did you get on? Ill be back on Thursday.
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    Haha, there is always one comedian eh parsnips!

    The time and job comments, do you have the ability to read post dates? - they were posted on a Saturday and Sunday.

    ...and even if it was a weekday how long does it take you type, cos unless your a retard I'm pretty sure you don't need a full day off work to post 10 or so paragraphs even if you were doin it on an xbox pad and with your feet lol!

    It probably took me 10mins to write the first post and another 15mins to do the diagram (for those who couldn't be arsed reading the text) and that was while watching the the United v Swansea game, so don't think I was up all night drawing Venn diagrams, scribbling notes and breaking down tactics hahah.

    The warhead comment I was expecting to be honest haha, and I remember reading his posts way back when thinking "He's takin a game of FIFA a bit seriously" but after playing for a year or so I can completely understand where he was coming from (minus the tears and pad smashing like you say) but maybe he got so pissed off that he just fucked it off and left.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not mad, angry or consumed by anything to do with the way we play, and I enjoy playing with all of you, but when I play FIFA I prefer to win than to lose (where possible with hacked pro's etc) and it frustrates me when we lose games that we could have won through simple mistakes, and trying to be a hero rather than pass it 10ft to an open man.

    Now I also completely understand for some people they just want to come on, have a kickabout and a bit of banter and that's it (which is also fine) I'm sure some players would rather lose 4-3 and score a hatrick than to win 1-0 and not score, but I am not one of them.

    So take my post for what you will, I don't want it to put anyone off playing or trying a shot/skill etc, but they are just suggestions as to how I think we could start winning more games than we currently do.

    You don't have to read/listen and you don't have to change your game at all - I mean who am I? (the newb of the group apart from andy in terms of playing together)
    but if I don't put the suggestions out there then we will have 0% chance of getting better, if I do then there is a 50% chance, so I thought I might as well.

    Though I am now a bit paranoid that people might be playing passes when they should maybe shoot because of what I said in my posts like one extreme to the other, which is what I don't want - I would hate for people to feel they are not enjoying it anymore or can't do what they want becuase of anything I've said - that is not the point of my posts at all - and at the end of the day as long as the banter is good then we'll get over losing a few games whatever the reason, I just prefer to win that's all...

    Anyway I'm off now to cry and smash a few pads...
    PS. This took less than 10mins to write, what a waste it was booking that day off!

    Adam the GK played for an hour, and we are still undefeated with him in goal - won the cup then he went, like Kaiser Soze into the night!

    After that we played some good stuff, reached a couple of finals (IIRC?) but didn't have much luck with reffing as usual.
    It was nice to get some MoM in your absence lol!