How do you guys start a project ?

Thread: How do you guys start a project ?

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    DavidF said:

    Help How do you guys start a project ?

    Couldn't think of a better way to word the question/title really. I have been asked by someone to create a wordpress site with blog for their haulage business. They have asked because they seen that I did a site (Makeup and beauty)for my niece and asked for "something similar".

    Now I don't have the 1st Idea of what's involved in the haulage business, So with that in mind what would you guy's do ?
    Do you look at other hauliers sites and steal their info and re-word it as required ?
    Do you get idea's from the client ? IE wording they want ect ?

    The reason I ask is this guy is my Brother in-law and he's asked me to put up this site for him but he sends me idea's and then when he sees them on screen he doesn't like them lol. Now I can understand people change their mind ect but wanted you guy's perspective on it. I have got to the stage where I have stopped researching the "niche" and have told him to basically email me what he wants putting under each header/sub header and then we will go from there. Is this they way to handle this ? Obviously the other way to handle it is to tell him to go to a proper web design company and spend a few and stop bothering me.......But that option 1. Annoys the other half 2. Annoys him which can lead to strife at family get together s which I can well do withoutand 3. Stops me earning a couple of for a bit of "easy" work lol

    So what do you guy's think ?

    PS - I did not know which section to put this in so I posted here.
    I will put a link up to the site when I have stuck some more info on it.
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    Well this is why professional web design companies have 'Designers', this is meant as no disrespect to you. Anybody can put together a website, but only a few have a eye for design etc.
    I do understand your dilemma, but I think you need to be honest with your BIL.
    Find some other haulage related websites, and ask him what he likes from each. Explain that you can copy their idea's etc, but if he wants anything more than that then he should go to a professional developer.
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    DavidF said:

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    I take no offence mate. I am in no way a designer lol. This is just simply a wordpress theme and you "stick the content in" and away you go. Its not rocket science with regards to doing just what I have stated and to be fair it looks "ok" not exactly professional but the theme "Alyeska" has so many features ect it does make it look ok for the price you pay. When I say he has a haulage company I am talking about 2 trucks and 2 refrigerated 3.5 ton vans. He doesn't make a fortune really so he isn't trying to compete with DHL or anything mad like that.

    TBH if he does keep faffing me around I will just tell him to go to a pro and be done with it. Just wanted to pick you guys brains a little as to how would you approach it. I mean he has been doing haulage for over 30 years so he could ramble all day about it. Whereas eve a web designer still wouldn't have an in-depth knowledge of what is essentially his "game".
    But thanks for the input anyway. It's always the same with stuff like this. I do someone a favour (Niece) and then someone else wants the whole world on a plate for
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    It would depend on what they want from it as in just a front page with contact info and basic additional info page or multi page site.

    I would start by asking what info they want on it?
    How many trucks, vans etc
    what areas are covered, what types of work (loads) say removals pallets multi drop?
    If they have images of the vehicles and any company info they have like a mission statement.

    You need to have some idea about what they want out of it before you can do anything.
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    Everyone who see's a nice website wants one.

    I've been asked many a time to create a website for someone and I don't care who they are, if they have no real design ideas or content to put on, I tell them to come back when they do.

    I've managed to knock up a couple of sites, but without the owners there to critique as you go along, you might as well be bashing your head against the wall.

    Make them do all the leg work, all the information gathering and design ideas and then put it online for them.
    What people do not realise is, although you may know how to upload a site etc, you know nothing about the industry they are in, the design they'd like, accurate information and attention grabbing write ups.

    Creating a good site is not something that can be done over night and start working for you. It's a commitment that needs constant work and is a collaboration between the client and web builder.

    Unless you're a talented web designer out to make a few quid for yourself - ay Det!

    Far too many failed, ugly attempts of websites already exist on the web.
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    I use a web design brief form, this form covers everything he wants from pages required, general websites liked and disliked with reasons down to colours and font style preference. That should give you a clearer idea of exactly what style/look he is going for.
    The more detail he gives you on that form the more of an idea you'll have of what exactly he is after.
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    I have one rule, never do any work for family or friends. Ever. Not even if they pay the going rate, which, of course, they never do.