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    mr_fuse said:

    Info Performance update

    Hi all

    Just an update on recent performances which once again have started to improve and pick up. Lets keep up this passing game its nothing special and inventive but in the same way we want to watch football its the same way we should play Fifa.

    Yes their there can be a tendency to hit the strikers early and play like the little knob heads we sometimes encounter, but I don't know about you guys but there is more satisfaction in a team goal where everyone's involved.

    Their was a goal we scored on Thursday night which was one of the best goals we have scored, The actual goal wasn't spectacular but we passed and passed and for a while we were not really going anywhere then suddenly bang the space opened up and we scored.

    Okay its not always going to work and we will make mistakes especially at the back with the Randoms, but I would rather lose trying to play the right way than take the easy route.

    I've attached our Club stats and congratulations to Danny on scoring over 1000 goals but even more impressive for me is the assists.

    Well done all

    I'm not on next week but keep up the good work

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    rIKmAN said:

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    Yep completely agree mate, some of the passing was great on Thursday.

    It's not anything special, no 40yd curling through balls over the top, just simple - take a touch and pass it the way you are facing, then move into space to offer yourself for the next pass.

    Like I said on Thursday it helps a lot as:
    (a) they can't score when they don't have the ball
    (b) They waste a lot of stamina sprinting round after the ball
    (c) it pulls them all over the place as 99% of the time they follow the ball so that leaves space behind

    Like you mentioned that goal we scored the other night was great, we must have been passing the ball for a good 3-4mins, along the back, into midfield, back to defenders, switched the play etc, slow slow, tippy tappy 5-10yd passes, then BANG..... a quick set of triangle passes and a surging run and we were clean through with their defenders nowhere near us.

    Quality team goal, and yes also for me it feels better when everyone is involved in a goal, and I'd rather lose trying to play a passing game than win playing the shite direct long balls or constant skills/sprinting up wing other teams do against us.

    I also noticed the other night that when we keep possession (was 60%+ each game for the majority of the last hour or so) that we didn't concede as many goals either. Whether thats because they are tired from chasing, or frustrated so much that when they do get the ball they rush it - or both - but it was working and we are back upto around 4500 now if I remember right.

    Lets try and keep it going and stick to the passing game, if it worked for Swansea it can work for us lol.

    Those stats suprised me as well, didn't realise their was only 2 difference between my goals and assists - especially with the state of my shooting haha.

    Well done to everyone, especially danny as thats no mean feat, and here is to the big 5000!
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    muttleymacclad said:


    I have to agree. When we decided to do the little triangle passes it felt so much more fun as well as seeming more productive.

    As you say rikman, the opposition didn't get much off us whilst we were doing this. I reckon they probably ran out of energy towards the end from the chasing, hence why we didn't concede any late goals and scored more towards the end.

    Those stats as well are fantastic fuse, incredible assist ratio from rikman, and Danny of course.

    Oh and next time you decide to go all manual on me, just don't ok?!

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    Fearless said:

    Default Re: Performance update

    nice to see your still going guys

    its all about triangles

    moving houses next week, no internet for few weeks then might come back if there is a spot available, been playing UT again recently
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    muttleymacclad said:


    F*ck me that was hard work last night. 5 losses on the bounce. Maybe me going as 'any' isn't such a great idea. Lol.

    I don't mind doing my stint at it though. I knew it was hard work from the way you guys 'moaned' about the randoms but you only realise how bad it is when you actually do it.

    It's obviously 'slightly' easier when there are more people playing, as the passing isn't so reliant on using the randoms but it's all relative I suppose.


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    dannyboy said:

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    Hello lads, i'm back tonight, if you still need me anyway. I'm still fooked from Magaluf though and I came back Friday morning! I'm looking forward to tonight, i've missed my Fifa stint!
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    rIKmAN said:

    Default Re: Performance update

    Didn't even see the updates to this thread!

    Fearless: Always a spot mate, get yourself sorted out come on for a few games your always welcome.
    Good luck with the move.

    andy: Sorry mate didnt know you'd posted in here, yeah its hard to understand how frustrating it is playing as any unless you do it.

    I thought the same thing at first but then you realise when you play single player you are playing as Man United or a decent team, not a bunch of pub team reserves and even the simplest of passes somehow finds a way to go completely wrong lol.

    I thought you did alright towards then end mate, you just have to move it a bit quicker with the randoms as there is no chance of turning and dribbling like you do with your pro, the randoms are just too shit and too easy to read - especially when they turn like oil rigs

    Sorry about my mic the other night, actually have my pad and earphones in bits now giving them a good clean out to see if its the contacts, if not then I'll have to try and make a cable or something as the official puck cable is discontinued.

    Or I'll have to turn into danny and not speak for a while - might give everyones ears a rest haha!

    Hope you had a good one mate, sounds like you did if you are still recovering hahah - see you later on!
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    swiggy said:

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    I should be back tonight guys, had some stuff I had to sort on Thursday . Hope you guys did well or it'll be time for a major team talk from me though!