Would you like to know how to create the desired shape of an ornamental plant by using only Photoshop tools? Then this Photoshop tutorial is especial for you.

Final Image Preview


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Step 1

Download and open both photos in Photoshop. On the duckling photo use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to select the young duck shape. Once selected, press Ctrl+C to copy the selection and on the garden photo press Ctrl+V to paste.

Reduce the opacity of the duckling layer to 50% to make the background visible.

Step 2

Select the Polygonal Lasso Tool. On the background layer select part of the plant and copy it to a new layer with Ctrl+J. Place this new layer above the duck layer and position the duplicated content above the duck’s head as you can see below.

It’s important to note that illuminated parts of the plant should be located in areas of convex shape, that is on the wing or back of the duckling.

If the shape doesn’t match the form of the duckling, then you should change it with the Polygonal Lasso Tool and then transform with Edit > Transform > Rotate and move it to the correct position.

Next, place the plant parts over the shape of the duck’s body.

When the whole shape of the duckling is filled with plant fragments, merge all layers into one except the background layer and the duck layer. Use the Clone Stamp Tool to remove borders around the plant fragments. After that delete the duckling layer, we don’t need it any more.

Step 3

To make a natural look, create a new layer under the plant layer, now use the Brush Tool with a small diameter brush to make small twigs around the plant. Get color samples with the Eye Dropper Tool.

Step 4

To finish off this tutorial we have to replace the old plant shape on the background behind the created plant in the shape of a duck. To do this go to the background layer again and then get the Clone Stamp Tool. Hold down the Alt key — the cursor will change to a target. Click the point you wish to use as a sampling point. This will be used as the reference point for cloning. Click and draw where you want the cloned image to appear. As you draw, a cross will appear on the original image while a corresponding circle appears where you are drawing.
Remove the old plant from the background image and this tutorial is complete.

Final Image

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