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    dannyboy said:

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    I've been thinking lads, we've kinda hit a dead end regarding club points at around the 4000 - 4500 mark. We hardly play anyone with more points than us, so it's difficult to get plenty of points for a win and we lose a load when we lose a single game. So i've been thinking maybe we should restart the club or create a new one and start again, up until Fifa 13's out?

    We did it before, and the randoms did seem to improve, although that may have been psychological. Plus maybe we could play more league games now, as I do think you have something to aim for every month then more than cup games. The downside is we all lose our club stats but no biggy I guess.

    I think alot of teams restart but it's just a thought anyway...
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    rIKmAN said:

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    I'm up for that mate if the vote goes that way, would make a nice change to get 50pts for a win rather than losing 50pts all the time!

    Also I always wondered why we didn't league games, but it seemed a pattern from before my time playing clubs so just assumed there was a good enough reason and never bothered to ask.

    Also would be a good challenge to see how many points we can get in the 3mths or so til FIFA 13 comes out, and might give us some new club stats to take a look at and see where we can improve.

    So yeah I'm up for a reset if thats the consensus.
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    muttleymacclad said:

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    Not sure what re-setting would achieve apart from getting us more points for wins.
    Maybe we go for league instead of cups anyway but not necessarily re-start club.

    Having said that i'm not dead set against the suggestion danny.

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    mr_fuse said:

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    I don't really mind to be honest I will go with the majority vote.

    With regards to last nights games we played some decent stuff at times. We got too 3 finals and won 1 the last one we should have won but it was my fault as I think I was a bit tired and gave away sloppy goals.

    We still run into defenders with too much sprinting at the wrong times and going for the killer ball a pass too early but that's just my little moan. misplaced passes I can live with as I know it often goes to the wrong player or the pass is heaver or softer than intended.

    I'm sure you will probably say that I don't pass the ball quick enough from the back and that I get caught out sometimes with the random's shit touches and misplaced passes. But what I'm trying to do is draw players out of positions to give you guys more space to work in.
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    muttleymacclad said:


    I enjoyed last nights games. Not worried about losing that final at the end, shit happens with those randoms. I thought you played brilliantly as 'any' last night.

    The football we played was excellent too. Again it was the neat, little short passes that worked really well and felt good.

    Would prefer not to reset team as it's good to aim for that 4500+ mark but I wouldn't object if the majority voted for it.

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