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    Attention iPad scam

    If you were offered a brand new iPad for $200, would you buy it? What if the offer was made at a gas station?
    Many of us might not fall for the sales pitch. Unfortunately, Jalonta Freeman of Arlington, Texas did.
    Freeman was at a gas station when a man pulled up beside her and told her he was[Only registered and activated users can see links. ], reports NBC Dallas-Forth Worth. She gave him the cash and off he sped. When she brought the package home to her sister, they discovered that the "iPad" was nothing but a mirror.
    "I just started cussing," she said to the station. "I was upset."
    Texas seems to be rife with iPad scams, according to reports. In October, Courtney Akers, 15, of Sealy, Texas, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] as a gift from her mother. The 'iPad,' purchased at Walmart, turned out to be nothing more than a stack of notepads in a fancy iPad box.
    At first, Walmart didn't believe the family's story, but finally refunded the money and gave Akers an iPad for free. Akers and her mom had fallen victim to a scam in which thieves purchase iPads, keep the flashy gadgets and return the boxes stuffed with filler weight to stores like Walmart for refunds.
    In April, CBS Dallas Fort Worth reported on a [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]posing as out-of-the-trunk Apple bootleggers outside of convenience stores. The 'iPads' and 'MacBooks' they were selling were nothing but fancy boxes with filler inside.
    "Some of (the victims) think they’re getting a good deal on an iPad and it kind of blocks their sensory perception of right and wrong,” a Grand Prairie detective told the network.
    NBC said the recent incident might mean the return of the same ring. In Freeman's case, one of the biggest clues that she wasn't getting the real deal was that the con man was selling her an iPad he said was worth $800. The only model in that price range is the new cellular model, and it hasn't shipped yet, NBC noted.
    Freeman learned her lesson. "Don't buy nothing on the streets from nobody," Freeman told the station.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gazza341 View Post
    "Don't buy nothing on the streets from nobody

    Good advice.

    Not ipad related but: A guy I used to do video, TV, and electrical repairs for about 20 years ago bought a video recorder from a guy in the street, whilst on his ice cream van round. It was heavily wrapped in cling film and when he brought it to me to check over he was already thinking he may have done a dumb thing in buying it. When I unwrapped it, it was indeed a video recorder - with the mains lead cut off and the inside all rusty and full of dead leaves. Thinking he was getting a bargain he paid £100 for this piece of junk. To spare his feelings I did manage to keep a straight face while wrapping it back up for him. (">

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    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!!

    This scam has been going on forever.

    My brother used to be a security manager of an ikea store, they had someone going in saying he got robbed in the car park, after looking at surveillance etc turns out someone offered him a top spec macbook very cheaply, think it was around £200, the guy put it in a racksack for him and left, the "victim" was seen shaking the guys hand after getting the racksack and giving a thumbs up, turns out in the racksack there were 2 reams of a4 paper and 2 toilet rolls.
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    like the old brick in a VHS Player box..or plank of wood in a laptop bag.lol
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    if you get stung by the majority of these 'scams', you must be as dumb as a rucksack full of bog rolls.
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    This is nothing new FFS. Pikies in Kilburn sell all sorts of shit that is just crap in a box.

    TV'a and speakers with bricks in.

    Car stereos with no insides.

    Then there are the slightly more cunning ones that do the old switcheroo. Show you a laptop that works, all good. Pop in in a laptop bag, and hide it under the table while you source the cash then give you the laptop bag, but alas its a same but different one with just a load of paper in.

    That all said you can buy some bargains of the crackheads in pubs in London. Clearly all nicked gear, and you now also find a lot of undercover old bill looking for such deals going on so you need to be careful.

    Freshly nicked packets of meat and toiletries is a common one.

    DJ OD
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