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    This sub-forum doesn't seem to be getting any use anymore, so rather than it get deleted in DF cleanup I thought I would start a thread for Barely Athletic, the club me, danny and fuse started in the FIFA 13 Early Access.

    Not trying to piss anyone off from the old DF Club, but it's getting silly trying to discuss things between us via Live messages, and as I said this forum doesn't seem to be being used so seems silly for us to not use it.

    Hope everyone from the old DF club is doing well with their new teams and enjoying the game, and if any other teams fancy a friendly or five, let us know!


    OK so lads, I think we are doing amazing with regards to our division / world rank and I personally think Weds night was the best we have played in FIFA 13, its finally clicked and we have that quick 1 and 2 touch passing and movement back like in FIFA 12, some of the goals we scored the other night were because we made that 1 extra pass even when there was a shot on, ripped some of the teams apart!

    Like we said the other night I think if we set small goals each week, like move up 100 places (or try to) etc then we have something to work towards thats achievable - I think we are ranked about 600th which is great, so lets say the next goal is to break to the Top 500 and go from there.

    By far the most enjoyable night so far for me, no stress even when we lost becuase I was enjoying our play, and the losses we had were all close games as well.

    It also helps I was able to pass the ball properly on Weds which makes a nice change - playing career mode has helped me work out wtf I was doing wrong with regards to angles/bend/weight etc, but I still make mistakes but guess thats just football.

    Next up is working on my shooting so I don't always get the shots blocked haha!

    Also fuse - me and danny will probs be on over the weekend to try and win that Premier Cup that seems to have glitched and un-won itself when we won the Div 1 League Title, so if your about and have the free time pop on and we can get that in the bag as well (again!) and then that will be the trophy room complete.

    Feels good to be able to type without battling against the 250 char limit on Live lol!
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    Yeah I enjoyed Wednesday, the passing was really quick and great 1-2's, we were ripping some teams apart! Other than you being "In a player" then trying to bum one lol

    We definitely won that Premier Cup though. When you select the cup before a match it definitely said we won it 1 x a few weeks ago. We should soon win it again

    I might be on tonight before the Hatton fight, if not tomorrow
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    I've not really had much time to play FIFA or anything else really with uni work and stuff being a lot more. Last time I was on I was just about to win the division 2 title in normal multiplayer seasons having not failed to be promoted in any other season. I'm glad you guys are having a good time, because if even what happened hadn't I doubt I'd have been able to keep up appearances anyway. In terms of the game itself, I've found it a lot easier than previous versions where in some games I've literally walked the ball into the net with quick passing and runs through, I also find dribbling incredibly easy in this version, having skinned multiple players with people like ben arfa and such to score goals. Hope your success continues in the future, because even when I finish uni, the amount of work i'll be doing will probably not allow me the time rejoin anyway.