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    So on a very cold early December day when I was visiting my mother there was a knock on her door.

    To save mum getting up I answered the door to two ladies, one who must of been in her 70's and a second I presumed to be her daughter in her 40's, both freezing their tits off in -5 degrees.

    No sooner than I had time to think to rush back in and get a blanket for them and a warn drink they launched into a well rehearse speech about only calling to deliver the latest magazine of Jehovah's Witness 'The Watchtower'.

    I had no wish to keep them on the door step as by now I too was also getting cold and to be fair I was concerned about the old lady. I thanked them and suggested they get home quickly and get warm. I know I should of invited them in but my mother is peculiar in meeting strangers and had only returned home herself from hospital the day before.

    Any way with Watchtower in hand I returned to my mother living room and placed them on the table. Mums first reaction was just put the magazines in the bin. Not being religious I concurred but had a pressing need for a dump too. So both the Watchtower and accompanying magazine titled Awake came with me to the little boys room where I proceed to read and dump.

    Having completed the later I remained sitting to finish reading the cover article entitled "Whatever happened to patience ?" and thought it was so good I would leave the page open and on the side for the next visitor. (mum lives on her own).

    The following day when I returned I discovered the pages had been well read and left open on another intriguing article "The Cow with two woolly coats". So I read that and moved on to the next about the Assyrian Dictionary leaving it open for the next visitor.

    This pattern has repeated itself over the December weeks so mum, i and now my kids have read most of the two publications and as a result now experts on a wide variation of topics including bedbugs, yawning and the great green wall across Africa.

    Not really what I was expecting from JW's.

    So on this festive Christmas eve does anyone know how I can get a postal subscription to these magazines and save the health and footwear of generations of missionaries calling.


    We've finished with the latest copies, if any one wants them , they are well thumbed, just pm me and I'll drop em in the post to you !

    This offer is posted in accordance with usual rules. VIP's only for the first 24 hours . Posted 15 minutes to Xmas day.
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    Man you have read them whilst pinching a loaf, I'll give em a miss ta.