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    Have you considered a Health Cash Plan, they can cover the cost of initial private consultation (75% claim back) and they can often refer quickly to NHS clinics. They can also cover osteopath, and chiropractor costs. In fact they cover a lot of treatments dentist optician etc, in fact they can almost pay for themselves over the duration of a year.

    Just a thought to get it sorted quickly and see a specialist quickly.
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    My bad. Sure you cover the cost of the infrastructure to get you there as well then?

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    ive suffered with the back pain for years, ive tried everything from pain killers to injections into my spine.

    im currently on co-codamol and naproxen which seen to help but id like to see what further help i can get. in my case if i lift anything heavy or if i walk for more than say 300 yards i feel the pain straight away and it just gets worse.
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    oh by the way im 22 stone, i was 23 but ive lost a stone and id like to keep on going down. i dont drink anymore and my only vice is freeway cola lol
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    well its 3pm now and the pain is definitely going away, so im going to cancel my doctors appointment. its not life threatening and rather someone else with a more serious condition get the appointment. i will however be weary of the next few days when sitting down or standing up too fast or picking things up..
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    I first suffered my back pain in 1979 and didn't get to a chiropractor till 92 so I definitely should have bitten the bullet earlier.. It probably will re occur until you get it diagnosed and treated.. The massage that they use to loosen it up before they re-align you is effective just in itself as the pain goes once you are properly relaxed.
    I ended up changing my lifestyle to accomodate the fact I was liable to get a spasm without warning.. it once happened picking up a sock! ..solution bend properly.. don't lean over the car too long if working on it.. sleep with a pillow between your legs to align your hips when sleeping (that's excellent advice) and lots of other tips are worth heeding..

    take it easy

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    Baldbouncer is right about the pain being the warning of impending damage but if your really bad.. ask the Doc for some codiene or even tramadol ... helped loads with my back problems (sciatica)
    Codeine helps with the pain, tramadol makes it so you don't care if your in pain ;-)
    Both together = good times !
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    Ive a history if back pain
    at one point the drs told me i should stop the gym permanently

    Instead i rode the pain, managed the condition and eventually the pain went away. The gym is still a part of my life luckily and it has strengthened my back and improved my posture.

    I found dickifenac to be if help.
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    Sounds like trapped sciatic nerve to me. I had it and it went from crying in tears ect to mild discomfort. Feel at the bottom of your back between and your arse cheek. When its at its worst you will feel it is swollen IF this is the case then get your misses to massage in a circular motion around the lump NOT over the lump just round it. Use a decent oil like grapeseed and after keep the area warm. This will provide you with some relief until you get to see someone who can do this properly (google sports therapist/sports massage/medical massage/structural therapy for your area). Notice how i missed out chiropractor ? Because when I went to 3 of the fuckers they all "straightened" my back but I was still left with the underlying problem and was back in agony within a day or so of seeing them. The bloke that sorted me out did all the stuff i mentioned above and had me cured within a month after me suffering like a wounded animal spaced out on god knows what for over a year.
    Anyway if you feel the lump get your wife to do the above for 30mins at a time and you will feel it receding. Good luck.
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    I've got a herniated disc in my lower back which sometimes presses against a nerve, which gives me pain in my left leg as well as the back pain itself. On Solphadol, Narproxen, and Tramadol. Only take them when I really need them. Especially the Tramadol which is highly addictive. When I used to take them regularly I felt great in the mornings and ready to face anything, but if I forgot to take a Tramadol before bed I would be really depressed the next day. Asked the doctor why and he told me they have the same affect as 'uppers' and you can become reliant on them to feel good. Cut right down at that point to only taking one when I really need to. Felt like shit for a few days but back to normal then.

    Was booked in for the op a few years ago but it was in February and was cancelled due to a flu epidemic. Since then I have learnt to manage it but do sometimes get pissed off that I cant do as much as I used to. Cant think of any one event that caused it in the first place. Just remember having a bad back. But instead of resting it I kept going for weeks until I had no choice because the pain became so bad and I could hardly move. When I had the MRI it showed the damage that I had probably made a lot worse by not taking it easy for a few weeks. (">
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    One thing I have never heard of is someone who has had a back problem then not suffered for the rest of there life with it either constantly or as is my case when I do something I shouldn't, not quite sure how successful surgery is as a cure.

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    30 odd years ago had a bloke at work who said he had back pain, we all took mickey out of him and said he was just after ill heatlh pension
    now I got back pain wish i had not took mickey now, as folks are thinking same thing of me
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    After tweaking my back lifting shopping out of the car I became unable to move at all 3-4 hours later, managed to get to GP 3 days later, was told to take OTC painkillers and it would go away.3 weeks later and no better,tried various pain prescriptions for about 2 months, then referred to physio, who went mad that I had not gone sooner ultrasound & heat treatments only gave short term relief, so off to hospital, Consultant arranged MRI, had 2 compressed discs in lower back - referred to pain management and started with steroid injections
    5 years later disc displacement in my neck ( even worse than back pain believe me!)
    Moved house/hospital and now on a cocktail of painkillers/MS muscle relaxants which now give me some quality of life.
    The moral is do not ignore back pain
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    Since this thread has been trawled up....
    I had increasingly bad sciatica like symptoms and lower back pain. Got to the point I couldn't bear anything in contact with my left hip.
    I had x-rays, nothing untoward. Subsequent MRI showed a tumour completely filling the spinal canal around L4. Surgeon said it had to come out or I'd eventually be paralysed.
    Had a bit of the laminate of a vertebra removed, the dura sliced open and the tumour removed from the nerve root. Hey presto!, pain away. Nice 4 inch scar on my back now and a bit of numbness in 2 toes, but I'd say that's a small price to pay.
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    Surgery is only performed as a last option as far as l know. I am referring to back surgery. I know a young man who has undergone spinal surgery to straighten his back and is has been very successful.
    I have Arthritis in my lower back and two trapped nerves that cause Sciatic. This was only discovered by having an MRI scan. I do have persistent pain and have been on pain meds. long term for it. No other treatment has been suggested. I have heard about steroid injections into the spine. Though must mention, before my last surgery l was having an epidural injection. Well the needle hit my Sciatic nerve and the pain, just for a few seconds was terrible! Then after that I lost all feeling of pain.

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