Firmware Flash file for Alba STB8?

Thread: Firmware Flash file for Alba STB8?

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    Default Firmware Flash file for Alba STB8?

    I have an Alba STB8 el-cheapo Freeview box that was working fine until a couple of days ago. It now seems to have corrupt firmware following an update and it just sits there rebooting, with an endless amber light - red light sequence and doesn't respond to the remote, so I'm pretty sure that firmware is the problem.

    The telephone helpline for Alba doesn't exist any more and so I opened it up to take a look and there is a TSOP flash that looks familiar and what looks like a JTAG port. The box has an RS-232 port on the back too, but I can't find any references to firmware files or flasher programs anywhere for this box.

    Is there a factory firmware file (or any other compatible model firmware) available anywhere that I can use to resurrect this box? The TSOP has a sticker on it so I'm not sure which flash chip it is, but I'll peel that off later if it helps. It's a shame to have to bin this off, as I would like to save it and see if it can be reflashed.

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    from what i read on net the alba stb8 is a copy of the goodmans gdb3 (maybe someone can clarify) but firmware and instructions available here

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