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    alritederla said:



    You better call saul.

    I got 3 bitcoins for free in 2008. Bought a few more when the value crashed after SR got busted

    Shock horror

    Afternoon ruined here

    face on the bird on the left haha
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    rajisnice83 said:


    can we get it for free without bt broadband?

    it is a shame that virgin cannot provide the freeview channels

    would be great

    i cant find the netflix channel on plex, im using windows 7 pc

    why cant i see the links?

    i cant get netflix either
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    mairyhinge said:


    Moo?! #1

    Moo?! #2

    Moo?! #3

    Moo?! #4

    Moo?! #5

    Moo?! #6
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    I don't know?




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    Default Re: Spammer Post Count Epic Fails

    Quote Originally Posted by mairyhinge View Post
    Moo?! #1

    Moo?! #2

    Moo?! #3

    Moo?! #4

    Moo?! #5

    Moo?! #6
    wtf!? lol!
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    slider_one said:


    Merci beaucoup

    cool merci

    Merci @+

    Merci beacoup

    thank you

    thank you
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    bjelena said:

    Default Hello

    Hello , I'm Jelena... interested in reversing and programing...abut everithing what have connection with 0 or 1...
    I'm glad to be member here.

    Nice , shareing is caring

    have you ever thought about changing vga and mainboard bios to open all functionalities and replace old frimware drivers, and basic soldering skills ???? There are lots of cheap components ,and.


    have you ever thouught switcing to ati?

    hmmm , am using ati 7800 4 sli, and modified vga bios ... unreleased power ....
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    xMarshyy said:


    I just got my NowTV and got Plex working perfectly!

    Howdy guys!

    I'm David!

    I look forward to my stay here!

    Yes I phoned John Lewis and they said they would have stock on release day!

    OUCH, only 460k in the space of 11 months, times are hard for Nintendo.

    The game is awesome as per following on from the previous! Awesome as ever.

    This was amazing at the time, cod game for 25. Such a good time.
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    gnome221 said:


    Can you not do this in power iso?

    PS4 hands down!

    I use a USB loader. And a program called Wiithon. It was pretty easy to do. Do you want the guide I followed? Btw Wiithon is linux only.

    I tried to use one as a VPN so I could watch Skygo, BBC iplayer etc. From foreign countries. Severely underpowered. Its great if you want it purely to access your own storage externally (ownCloud)

    Im currently trying to get plex running on the pi. I very much doubt it will have the power to stream effective though

    Ooooo. Just starting PHP at uni.
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    ady5258 said:




    loved it



    haha..still rocking

    fap fap fap aaaAAaaa fap fap fap



    dirty but not that dirty
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    lpb71 said:


    I'm new to this forun so I cant access some of the links, is there any way I can get the skygo plugin for PLEX?

    Go day to you all. Just gained an interest in the power of Plex, so hopefully I can assist and be asdsisted by all you kind people.
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    ampicillin said:


    same quesiton

    Subscription expire every one or they are lifetime?

    what is the benefit of SE over the one updated by tomtom home?

    will this work on XL?

    which version? Firmware or Map?

    Great. Thank you!
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    shedster said:


    Welcome back !

    Thats unfortunate

    A guess perhaps ?
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    bigsmoke said:

    Default new comer

    hi to you all I'm new to all this but a fast learner and am interested in learning a lot MRE from all the experience of you great form members and if I can help I will sure do so thank you all

    would I be right or worng in asking.I read some where that you can download an EPG onto a skybox f5s is this true ?

    uncle set also could you provide me with a link to a sited that you can use to update the firmware of the f5 if needed and how often should it be done ?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBrand View Post
    You'd be right to view your PM and not only come here to leech information!

    I dont understand what you mean I'm not here to leech anything my friend I'm new to this and just getting started so bear with me what have I done wrong ?

    how come I can't read links if I'm a member ?
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    cardishnor said:


    Some helpful stuff in here thanks guys/girls


    Thanks for all this info

    you guys seem to know what you're doing with these boxes

    are these just for iptv or do they do sat too?

    Looking at wifi for my dad, is it worth it or should i just use network cable?
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    Propalen said:

    Default Re: Skybox F5 or Openbox X5 ?!?!?!

    Hi [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] ,

    I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting here. I am looking for a new box after mine stop working and it would be great to know what was your final decission.

    In my presentation you can read more details about me.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    tigro said:

    Default Re: Spammer Post Count Epic Fails

    LOL this thread rocks. Cant believe I haven't seen it before today !!!
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    nomegand said:


    Nice one !


    I will try window 8.1 if it any better

    That's one look hot

    I'm in

    i will
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