Spammer Post Count Epic Fails

Thread: Spammer Post Count Epic Fails

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    Silly said:


    im ana
    im from rsa


    i see


    some beautiful people here

    but be careful who u trust
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    luissantana said:


    thank you

    thank you


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    odinizm said:


    Welcome, from a fellow newbie

    Hi Guys,

    After searching the internet for an IT software community I found this forum, looks great, hope to make a contribution.

    I use WinIso, or Alcohol 120% they both work well. Have you tried one of those cd polishing rigs, they work for shallow scratches.

    Not to cause a war but I find DOTA2 more entertaining

    Great topic title, as for why it's so shit it may be because of the amount of account thefts that occured a few years back, the excessive focus on security/ license legitimacy and sales make it annoying to navigate.

    Great to see my least favorite feature on microsoft products has found it's way into a condensed (RAR) LED version in Sony's new gift to the world.

    Edit: Also banned for false location
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    browny9 said:

    Default Are we alone!!

    Hi to everyone on this forum.
    Im a massive LFC armchair supporter. Originally from liverpool but, for my sins i now live on the other end of the m62! Good job i have a great wife and, a sense of humour! and no u cant see my pickies!!!
    A while ago i joined an AV forum and learnt how to get the best from my tv so, Ive joined yr forum cos ive a lot to learn about what i can put in it.
    Im not sure what i can bring to the forum. My main skill is...... if u think yr partner is havin affair? Im yr man to find out!!
    hopefully this is ok for an intro!?
    Ps... i was workin at 3am a couple of mornings ago and, the sky was so clear and so vast i thgt.....surely we cant be ALONE!!!!. Thanks all.

    Sorry.this was supposed to be in the newcomers list.
    My first post and i fukd up!!!

    Ha. Like magic. Its here!
    No more posts. Goodnight all

    Thanks everyone!
    Ps. U cant ban me Bigbrand or il take that scouser away!
    Pps. Is he on form or what!!!

    Tell him he,s a twat cos u were wanking and his knock made u miss yr tissue and grandma is vext!!!
    Ask him is he a size 14 and like chianti!!

    Hi all. I had a solo2. Sent it back as the remote was not easy to work with. defo not wife useable! Good soli box and can cofirm fta works well. Great hd picture. Cheers

    Hi mate. I think yr bes option is to read the what/which mags find the best a bit more than yr pricce range then google for price. Remember its not just about the price. Free 5yr warranty is great! Iv always had pannies. Look for the old v20 model. Best picture iv had esp the thx mode. Good luck.

    I wish det would help me out with my new f5 but i dont have enough posts yet. But hay ho patients is a virtu!! Whats peoples thgts on a ouya box with xmbc? Thanx

    Hi all. Regarding the f5s. I read on here that we have to connect the sly cable and the modem or we only get freesat?. Just a thgt then..... if I connect both then update everythin and all works. What would happen if I disconnect the sly cable and just leave the modem.. would that still work or am I wishfull thinkin!! Obviously im trying to geth both to work at same time..Thanks.
    Ps. How do I no how many posts I have. Thanks again. .

    Very rude i find....
    I thgt forums r to help others....I asked about my post count so I can then ask for help that only 10 posts can see cos i do not want to get ripped off by others ie scam cards etc and I need 10 posts to get this far. A fair question I find. So r we here to help or just take the piss out of newbies! Im not here to leech as u rudely put it! If u dont want to help others with yr vast knowledge then what is the point of a forum.
    I seached lots of forum before choosing this one.
    So lets be nice pls.....
    Anyway its nearly christmass!!!!
    Thanks again.
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    tzuik said:


    This is stupid to be required to have at least 10 posts to be able to see a goddamn link, now i'm gonna spam different parts of your noce forum just ro top that number because my tomtom asks me for a goddamn server and I can't fix it because you won't let me see the link... very mature!

    No problemo, i'm just gonna spam a bit around here also. If you wabt something in return, ask for it and maybe if I know the answer, i'll give it to you

    Three three three

    Four four four

    Five five five

    Six six six six.six.six.six six. xis ixs sxi
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    comp1demon said:


    Can't wait for Jtag mod!! EMULATORS!

    got mine on AMAZON lightning special for $35!

    Perhaps forensic storage people can recover your data and clone your drive?


    I had the same issue... sucks... Getting it replaced

    Mine was dead.. getting it replaced
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    mawobi said:







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    GrantH said:


    I think they would get more sales if they just let us use these

    However i can understand why they wouldnt include netflix


    the game is so good

    just went back on this, just hackers on there
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    megatron said:


    thanks mate

    will this work for tomtom xl? thanks in advance.


    i have a tomtom one, but dont think i have an sd card. where would it be?

    Hi all, so I finally got tired of my tomtom sending me to blocked roads down no entry. In my search to update my map I found this site from good old foogle.
    I hope to learn a lot from here, don't know how I would be able to contribute as I know little to nothing about tomtom.

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    lithho said:

    Default Re: Spammer Post Count Epic Fails

    Where has this thread been? very funny
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    Mr.James said:

    Default Re: Spammer Post Count Epic Fails

    Quote Originally Posted by lithho View Post
    Where has this thread been? very funny
    Where have you been? This thread's been at the top of the 'unread posts' list for weeks lol

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    simmo0020 said:

    Default Hi all

    Hi all, my name is Nathan, looking forward to using the forum. Thanks for the registration.

    Hi I am also getting the could not connect warning message, really annoying!

    What are the steps to rectify this issue?

    A lot of people are having major issues with the 4.3 update on the S3, thankfully mine hasn't updated yet!

    Great guide, I made the switch last year and this would have been useful!

    This could well be my next Android handset, camera seems the only let down so far.
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    cuong1808 said:










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    spencerp94 said:


    Love the house gif :')

    Hi Guys, just registered and thought I would come say hello! Here mainly for PC, Android, iOS and maybe a little gaming

    This game is the only reason i will be getting xbox one over ps4!
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    EXARMY30 said:


    old post


    bye bye guys

    Hi mate I was going to get 1 of the sky boxes....can you send me the link to the digital receiver you and Ashley have been talking about..many many thanks

    Hi Ashley could you poss pm me a link for the digital receiver you have been talking about... ive been looking at sky box but a bit apprehensive now :0/..thanks
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    mumu87 said:


    any mirror for this. pls pm me. Thanks.

    the site have service scrambled thingy? accessible from southeast asia country? ty

    Looking for a bandwidth limiter. hmm

    If anyone could help. i cant seem to activate my tomtom map.

    this is from Albert's Easy Activator.

    Malaysia_Singapore.pna - present
    Cline.dat - present
    Cname.dat - present
    Cnode.dat - present
    Mapinfo.dat - OK
    Internal Version = 730
    Flag = 1
    Bitflags = -------- -*---*** *****-*-
    Rect = (9962574,84172,11928488,738501)
    Malaysia_Singapore-852.meta - present
    Already Patched or SE Version'H:\MALAYS~1\Malaysia_Singapore*.meta.mct/dct' file
    Pocket Device ID detected
    ('Malaysia_Singapore-852.meta') -Not in meta.txt
    'Malaysia_Singapore-852.meta'- Not Generated
    No Home DLL files found!
    Pocket Device ID detected
    ('Malaysia_Singapore-852.meta') -Not in meta.txt
    'Malaysia_Singapore-852.meta'- Not Generated


    r@fl r@fl

    i.. i.. i'm reading this at Dec 2013.
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    Mrsw2177 said:


    I wonder why none if this stuff was mentioned way before he was arrested??

    Can't believe done if the sick stuff this blokes got up to

    Oops that was meant to say some of the stuff. Stupid autocorrect!

    The volume on my phone seems to stop working and only works when on a docking station, any ideas?

    Good info cheers!
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    umesh11 said:




    I will have to try this

    i will have to try this
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    sgtpeppered said:

    Default Hi

    Hello, I'm sgt. peppered


    Hey man, welcome to the board!


    I hope i can contribute


    well hello

    welcome to df!

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    fcorlaite said:



    just for 10 posts -.-

    i need help

    just for 10 posts -.-

    just for 10 posts -.-

    just for 10 posts -.-

    just for 10 posts -.-

    just for 10 posts -.-

    just for 10 posts -.-