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    cybollox said:

    Attention Beautiful Insects

    We think our macro shots are good, look at this awe inspiring collection of insects.

    full set here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    QfanatiQ said:

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    Jesus, that shocked me a little as i scrolled down!

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    dpSparhawk said:

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    An amazing collection of images. Admittedly, most created using dead insects and copy stands with in excess of 100 stacked shots but still. They're superb. Would love to have the kit to create images so detailed but it doesn't come cheap
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    The microscopic World fascinates me.
    Some of the 'faces' on those insects are just unbelievable.

    Agree with Dp though - I read an article on Petapixel the other day which attempted to out some brilliant creature photography as potentially dead animals stuck on pins and set & held in poses by thread which is then cloned out in pp.
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    Woaw amazing.... and scaring also !!
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    Cuty hairy Spidy