doberman bitch anyone??

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    steiff1 said:

    Help doberman bitch anyone??


    my wife is thinking of getting a doebrman bitch. 4 yrs old, fully trained, great with people etc..

    its available due to family moving abroad.

    does anyone have doberman bitches, can anyone tell me what they are like as pets??
    I havent had a dog since i was about 9 years old. I'm now 40.
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    QfanatiQ said:

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    Thes dogs (as are most) are hard work. My family works with dogs for a living.

    She will need a lot of exersize. Dont be folled that she is fully trained. You either need to know the commands she has been tought AND KEEP THEM UP, or go thorugh retraining with her, you and your wife.

    If you work all together and get the right info you will be fine.

    If you are going to take the dog
    - Can you intially visit regualrly and take for walks?
    - Look after it in your home, for the day, day and night, few days as a gentle break in?
    - Make sure you knwo the commands she is already trainined to!
    - Contact the Dobies owners club and ask the same question in thier. WHILE this is not a true rescue dog, a move will be a little strange for the dog. Get advice and pointers from people that have taken on dogs the same or simialre situation as yours.

    When do you need to make the desicion by?

    You do NOT want to take the dog, without realising the true effect and then needing to pass it on again.

    Having a dog at 9 is very different from being an adult and owning and controlling your own dog.

    Good luck!
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    BigBrand said:

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    My top tip, is when you introduce a dog into a new home, try and bring across some familiar things.

    i.E dog bed, toys, same food bowl and type of off.

    Although most may not be that bothered, the smells of what they're used to well ease them in quicker. Be prepared that a Dog is not just for a couple of weeks, they need attention, when you're ill, when you're planning on going out all night (after being at work all day) they'll make your house smell, get shit dirty.

    But the love they'll give back is worth all of that.
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    steiff1 said:

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    we've settled on a cockerdor. black lab and cocker spaniel cross. 12 weeks old. picker her up on saturday.

    DOes anyone have experience with this breed? or indeed house training a puppy.

    we kinda flying blind here, as we've not had dogs since we were kids..
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    big-paul said:

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    Crate training is the way forward for house training dogs mate. I have 2 cockers, 1 year and 2 year old. Crate trained them both, they both still sleep together in a larger [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. I think I started putting mine in their crate when we'd had them for a few weeks, introduce them to it gradually, let them sleep in it with the door open etc and just move slowly towards that being their main bed. The theory is that they don't shit where they eat...although my youngest one disproved that regularly! Definitely works though but don't trust them until they are over 6 months old at least!

    When we got our pups we used a [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] initially to give them a bit of space but control their movements.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    BertRoot said:

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    Cockerdor? Labradoodle? Cockerpoo?

    fucking sick of folk making out that crossbreed dogs suddenly being a breed. My fucking arse. Just call it a 57 cos that is what it is.

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    consoles said:

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    wow you need a wank mate, some pent up frustration there lol
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    BertRoot said:

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    Not at all. Lots of 'breeds' popping up recently and all it is is pikeys breeding mongrels and convincing the weak of
    mind that it is a breed. It isn't.

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    JonEp said:

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    Every time I see a pug I thing WTF were they thinking about.

    From wolf to pug has taken some serious messing with the canine gene pool.

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    and whatever you get.... don't carry it round in a fucking handbag