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    Default Re: Windows XP: Microsoft’s ticking time bomb

    Have exactly the same problem in my field of work, fire alarms, the old dos software only seems to find the com ports on 98 and most fire alarm panel software is written for xp!

    thats most companies first answer when you call em saying your having probs with there software connecting to a panel, they hit you back with are you running xp!

    cant say im too bothered as the laptop i use doesnt go on the net so should be cool to carry on as is!

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    Default Re: Windows XP: Microsoft’s ticking time bomb

    Quote Originally Posted by Over carl View Post
    Just thought I would mention, if you can afford it, an SSD would probably give that system a massive boost. Reason I mention is now is that when you move to an SSD you need to reinstall windows, and you are just about to do so. Therefore if an upgrade is on the cards, you may as well save yourself from having to set it up all over again.

    This thread just made me think of all the garages round the country with their Gas Analysers and Brake Testing machines. These normally run XP and normally haven't even got antivirus because they are intended to be dedicated machines not attached to a network (much like the machines Mr James mentioned). However I've lost count of how many of these I've seen on the net and often running a dodgy copy of Autodata because most garages don't understand how much they could benefit from a dedicated computer for the mechanics.

    I see a lot of them going down in the near future - I'm thinking I may try and image a few common ones then clear up restoring images
    I was doing something very similar in Southall before I left..great minds eh?

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