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    jaygo said:

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    Hi guys more of a question than a problem.
    I've been given a new laptop by work and I'm now working between 2 different office sites.
    My problem is this if I'm in the Glasgow office and want to print I need to select the Glasgow printer.
    Then when I'm in the Edinburgh office I then need to select there printers.

    Is there anyway I can get the computer to auto detect my location and print to the local printer??

    Thanks in advance

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    Goldberg said:

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    Are these wireless printers? Surely if they are network printers it will default to the local one on the network as the other will not be available?
    I am used to using Mac's though where it seems to deal with this fine, I know windows can be a bit more needing.
    We all make mistakes sometimes
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    neilb said:

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    Built into windows 7 versions from professional up.

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