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    charliechang said:

    Attention req/ cctv streaming

    not sure if ive posted in right place,,
    but is there any way i can watch cctv/stream, from my local town center,
    ie; the same as wot my local police watch in there call center,

    many thanx
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    darkstar said:

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    Don't think you can watch what the police see on there street cams but depending where you live there should be a good few public street cams you can watch .i know Liverpool city center has a few you can watch not good quality tho
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    blaggard said:

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    The Police recently asked for a link on the roof of our building (12 storey) as we used to carry the old analogue system for them and have Macrocells from all the major Mobile Operators. . . it was to link a new WiFi system between Croydon and Sutton carrying all the CCTV data. I chatted with the Consultant who contacted us and asked if we could inject a signal from our system for them to monitor and he said he would ask but that even if the answer was yes we would not be able to get a back feed under any circumstances. He also reckons the feed would be very secure, Public cam only I'm afraid.
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    cosmicma said:

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    here's a strange one
    as i drive round bolton centre my cheap wireless reverse camera picks up one or 2 of the street cameras they look like they are council not privately owned cctv

    it also picks up private cctv if somebodies using wireless cameras as you drive past the property

    it's one of these
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    maybe not the cctv monitored by the police but certainly some that the council use can be picked up but you have to be pretty close to it
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    charliechang said:

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    ok, ty all 4 the coment,, didnt think it was possible, but had 2 ask just incase,

    maybe in the future it might happen