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    neilcritc said:

    Help Would love some feedback


    I am setting up as an IT Consultant and have been working on Wordpress for the first time, like the poster before would love some critique on my site from the community

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    Thanks in advance

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    Not too bad mate

    couple of wee things -

    > Home > Flash box too big also has a couple of low rez pics
    > Contact > Quote > Comment box not fitting correctly
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    Goldberg said:

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    Had a very quick look.

    * On the Home page, pressing the Home button reloads the page. Speaking of which, your main Logo takes you to the Home page which is the norm nowadays. Use one or the other not both (just my 2 pence). Personally I would lose the Home button.
    * BBC News feed.. On a personal website yes, not a business website. Twitter feed, open to abuse. Also the images in the Blog4IT section do not fit and I am unsure what this brings.
    * Turn off the hyperlink for the images. I clicked on the one in Dial4IT and it opened up the image in its own page.
    * Put the Request Callback at the top menu bar, it is on every page in an annoying position.
    * On the Portfolio pages, what is the purpose of the google map? Would you not be better with a company logo?
    * On the Blog4IT page, under More Pins you have '-->' ??
    * You have a dynamic header, do you need this? You have all of the available options on the relevant tabs and I do not see why you need a Search box. Navigating to it can be messy as you pass the other drop downs.
    * On the Contact Page, you have no address (intentional?) and in Chrome the textbox for the 'Quote' section overlaps the template (see image). Also I would reconsider the design of it. it is a contact page so have what you need and don't have people reading one section being told to submit a form in another column etc.. make it easy to use.
    * On the footer, what is the huge lighter blue bar for? Also you have a crosshair in the middle, purpose?

    The above looks like a huge list but you are nearly there with it. Again as I said in the other post I am not a website design expert, these are just my thoughts as a user. But part of my job is accepting/testing usability of (internal) sites, which are normally off a design spec. I am commenting based on how I have seen things designed by professional User Experience designers.
    We all make mistakes sometimes