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    Attention Common sense on Fox news surely not ?

    Love this clip from a Fox news debate on E cigs.

    I loved the comment "It's like banning Alcohol free beer to stop people drinking "

    Gutfeld: Senate Democrats ignore science, block progress

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    Default Re: Common sense on Fox news surely not ?

    I'm loving all the bullshit excuses that people are coming up with to try and get e-cigs banned or their availability restricted.

    It's completely bananas that people would argue to get rid of e-cigs when it is well known that fags are killers. Even taking the worst case scenario of damage that e-cigs could do to your health, it's still orders of magnitude better than fags.

    Obviously it's completely and utterly down to those who are involved with fags wanting to continue making money, and they couldn't giving a rat's behind about people's health. This is a deeply sad indictment of the world we live in.

    Thanks to flumperino

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