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    Default RGH Xbox updating - Help needed


    I am trying to update my RGH'ed 360 to latest dash (to play new south park game) but having alot of issues.

    The 360 was rgh'ed by a member on here about 2 years ago and I havent used it much therefore have not updated it since then. Stats from the 360 are as follows:

    Dash version: 3.0 Rev58
    Kernel Version: 2.0.14699.0

    Im running FSD 3

    Ive tried using AutoGG, both the LAN update method and USB update method raise errors:
    LAN - when it gets to reading CPU key the 360 resets and it comes up with a error saying it cannot read cpu key
    USB- this method gives an error once nand is dumped and its creating an image:

    "Updating. This will take time, wait or press Cancel button....
    Dash Error Aborting
    Error output\nandflash.bin"

    I have also tried this tutorial: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I get up to step 3 to use XeBuild to create new NAND and it throws up this error:

    xeBuild ERROR: Unkown exitcode (4)!
    ERROR: There was one or more fatal errors: 1 errors during the build process
    Cleaning data and temporary directories... Done!

    I've tried googling etc without much luck, could someone please help?

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    Default Re: RGH Xbox updating - Help needed

    I don't know much about these, but I updated my lads xbox using autogg, I could not do it any of the other "easy" methods
    have you tied to updated the dash with dash launch 3.10, then use autogg

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    Default Re: RGH Xbox updating - Help needed

    I've just done mine recently but used flash360 to retrieve the nand, i am not sure if nand flasher 360 and flash360 are the same thing so none of this may be relevant but below is what i did anyways.

    I got flash360 and xebuild from xbins

    1. Launch Flash360 xex via a USB plugged into the Xbox to retrieve and dump the nand
    2. Pressed eject on the xbox to turn it on so it boots into zell to get the ip address/cpu key
    3. Enter ip into xeBuild and click get cpu key from network or you could just write it down from zell boot screen and enter it manually
    4. Generate Hacked image using dumped nand and cpu key in xebuild (double check all settings relate to your xbox)
    5. Put hacked image on USB with flash360 and run flash360 xex from your xbox and confirmed i wanted to flash keeping

    The only issue was something about my nand not being zero paired before i confirmed to flash in flash360 but i went ahead after reading several other people having similar problem and all is running.

    Here's the youtube vid i used

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