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    Help Outlook and .pst files

    Hi guys,
    I bought a laptop with a trial of Office 2013 installed, I needed to use quickly, so started using Outlook.
    I have a working copy of Office 2007, which I have installed. Is it possible and how can I get Outlook 2007 to have access to emails on the .pst file created by outlook 2013.
    The .pst file created by 2007 on installation is labelled the same but 01.

    Outlook 2007 cannot now access new emails, I am still having to use 2013 to download and view the new emails.

    Can anybody help, as you can tell I am not really a tech kind of person.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Outlook and .pst files

    Control Panel > Mail > Data Files > Add (Browse to the pst you want to use, remove the other one if it is not needed)

    Thanks to cyprus

    rmj2663 (4th March 2014) 

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