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    Info Mixing your own - reloaded

    So between me and Baldy Bouncer, we've shelled out a few sheckles on some more ingredients for our own mixologies.
    I ordered through [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and firstly have to say how impressed I was at both price and speed of delivery.
    In terms of delivery, they dispatched within 24 hours, tracked delivery and text alert for timeslot, despite delivery only being £4. - Very impressive.
    Stuff very well packed and the bottles heat sealed into bags - very professional IMO

    My only grump is that I couldn't find a discount code. Perhaps someone could approach via DF and get a code for us?

    So in total we ordered:
    1 litre of base 72mg strength PG (at the moment, 500ml is £40 - absolute bargain based on other store prices I've seen)
    500ml of pure PG
    500ml of pure VG

    Which we'll split equally.

    Total cost @£122.00.

    I also ordered 100mg of menthol crytals for @£12 off fleabay delivered.

    So for about £70 each, I reckon we've got roughly 50 weeks worth of vaping,(based on using 30ml/week) achieved by thirding the PG base down to 24mg. which will produce 1.5 litres each. Reducing the strength of the nicotine even more,would obviously make it all last much longer. (and yes I know that we'll need more PG and VG to make up the missing litre, but it's as cheap as chips)

    This equates to £1.40 per 30ml. Not bad, considering when I started a year ago, a premixed 30ml bottle of menthol ejuice @24mg cost me £9

    Happy vaping campers.

    3 Thanks given to I Black Belt

    4me2 (8th March 2014), Bald Bouncer (8th March 2014), Ganty (8th March 2014) 

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    Default Re: Mixing your own - reloaded

    It'd be interesting to see what happens to flavours and consistency of the liquid after that period of time. Keep us posted!

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    Default Re: Mixing your own - reloaded

    I use vapersemporium a bit and he does not have any discount codes but at the prices he charges you don't really need one. I think you may be able to get cheaper PG and VG from ebay.

    You might find the nic juice will change colour over time but it will still be fine to use. Keep it in the freezer to prolong the lifespan of the nic. It wont freeze but it will get very thick.

    Thanks to gurry

    I Black Belt (8th March 2014) 

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