Titanfall for Xbox One hits North American stores today, but Respawn's labours are only just beginning. The developer must now update the game with new content and to patch out the inevitable bugs - a process that could go on for years, depending on Titanfall's popularity, and reviews suggest that it'll be very popular indeed. Respawn is already working on a patch to introduce a private match option, along with three DLC packs that'll comprise maps and Mysterious Other Things. Development of these has only just commenced, with the exact contents of each pack still to be confirmed.

"There are definitely other possibilities," community manager Abbie Heppe told me, when I took a break from my Titanfall review playthrough to ask for her thoughts. "I don't think the idea is just to limit it to maps.

"We're also going to do free updates, private matches and stuff we're going to be adding in for users and not charging for. I understand why I probably should have an answer for that, but we're still trying to figure out that sort of stuff internally and some of that stuff comes from feedback from the community and what people want from launch."

News that Respawn has yet to make its mind up about the game's add-ons could be positively received, I suggested - day-one (or even month-one) DLC is a thorny topic.

"Well yeah, and I totally get that," said Heppe. "Because nobody wants to have a disc and then have something that's unlocked on the disc and be like 'why are you charging me for something that you shipped with the game?' We don't touch that; that is scary community territory.

"But that said, we're a multiplayer game and you have to support multiplayer games after launch. The community wants it, we want it, and it certainly is the standard. But again, some of that comes from, 'OK you guys have played the game now, what did you like, what do you want', and seeing what we can feasibly do within the time periods that we have to get it done."

Respawn has already updated Titanfall's servers to deal with loading issues, and may raise the game's resolution via a future update.

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