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    Bought a few £10 meals from M&S at the weekend (had some vouchers).
    Whole chickens are part of the deal or you can even get 3 for £10 (different deal).

    Chickens will feed 3/4 as part of a main meal and we do love a bit of chicken in our house!

    Anyway, cooked whole chickens generally piss me off. Even when you plonk it on top of veg the bottom goes soggy and it is a general put off. Same when you buy them from a Supermarket already cooked.

    Last night I thought I would try my Beer Can chicken device in the oven (I normally BBQ with it) and fook me it was awesome! I got the skin properly cripsy and the whole chicken was a delight. Much better than when on the BBQ indirectly cooking.

    This is nothing new, it's just about putting a little (and I mean little) effort in.

    So, from last night:

    * 1 Chicken medium size
    * Dried Rosemary, Dried Thyme, Mustard Seeds, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder
    * Lemon Juice (Supermarkets own)
    * Salt & Pepper
    * Butter/Marge (Utterly Buttery we had in the fridge).

    I cooked the chicken as per the packaging - 1 hour 20 at 200

    Prepped the chicken by rubbing the butter all over the skin and added the Rosemary/Thyme/Salt/Pepper to the skin. I expected it to run off but it all stayed in tact!
    In an empty can I put in a good glug of lemon juice, and all of the dried herbs/powders and topped up (half way) with water.
    Pierced the can several times (<---- important to let the flavours come through) and put in the beer can chicken device, plonked the chicken on top. I used a 330ml can because of the height restrictions of the oven. Had to take the trays out an put on the oven floor. If you can use a 440/500ml can then please do and use more liquid.

    The oven is just big enough (one of those split ovens) and I put the holder in a sandwich tray on top of some foil in the oven to avoid a big mess!
    I plonked a few spuds into the sandwich tray to roast in the juices.

    That was it! Served that up with Salad and Coleslaw and it was awesome! So moist! Eat a load off the bone, the bones fell out of it. got the legs tonight and a bit of breast to knock up a simple curry with.
    I bought some of these and I just cut it up making it easy to strip bare (got them for £4 on Black Friday):

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Here is the device I used to roast:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Well worth £10

    Lots of mixtures you can put in the cans, there is also a guy called DJ BBQ on Jamie Olivers You Tube channel that has awesome combo's plus uses pineapples in place of cans!

    Got a load of Dry Rub to use up so next time the chicken is getting blasted with that. When I say next time I mean about 3 times next week!

    Will post some pics in future.
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    Thanks to Goldberg

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