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    Default 64 year old cooker still used daily

    My mates parents have a cooker that is at least 64 years old and is still used daily. I was impressed that it is still fully working and such excellent condition so I asked him to send me some pictures and a brief history which I am posting here. Just to be clear this is not for sale. i think he should contact the manufacturer to see if they are interested in it.

    The brief history below is in his own words. (">

    The original owners left this New World Radiation cooker in their old house when my parents bought and moved into it. The house that is, not the cooker. Apparently it was absolutely filthy when they acquired it, but as money was tight they couldn’t afford to chuck it out and buy a new one, so it had to be cleaned, and if you knew my Mam you would know I mean THOROUGHLY cleaned. This was back in about 1963.

    When eventually it was clean enough for my Mam to use, they discovered it had a fault. When an engineer from the Gas Board arrived to sort it out, he said he remembered installing this particular oven 13 years previously.

    After cooking on for some time, my Mam liked it so much that she insisted it should move with her/us from house to house. There were either 1 or 2 moves within Newcastle, and then it came down to Wales with us.

    My parents are getting on now, and intend downsizing their home to a smaller apartment shortly. They will have to sell-off or leave behind many items as there simply isn’t going to be enough room to fit it all into their new home. I guarantee this cooker will be the one possession that will be missed more than anything else.

    On top it has 4 rings for pot ‘n’ pans, kettle etc. and a hot plate for those little pancakes……mmm pancakes. A large oven, a grill, a plate warming compartment, and a drawer for pots, pans, cooking trays etc.

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    Default Re: 64 year old cooker still used daily

    I can beat that. My mum's been using the same arsehole for the last 70 years and that's still working. I know for certain (I found video evidence) that my dad has tried to pound it into submission on more than one occasion. But it just keeps going and you could set your watch by her evacuations. So, it's official, my mum's ringpiece is amazing!

    Here's some photos and a potted history in her own words.


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    Default Re: 64 year old cooker still used daily

    Wow our cooker is 3 years old and doesn't look anywhere near that good!
    They must clean that thing every time they enter the kitchen for it to look like that.
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    Default Re: 64 year old cooker still used daily

    I'm sure it could find a place in a museum or maybe a TV set, must be worth about 2 grand in scrap.
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    Default Re: 64 year old cooker still used daily

    Built to last!

    Just searched on ebay for one, and found one for sale near me:

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