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    Default Creating a site menu using an image map?

    Done a web site for a friends garage business using wordpress. Going to do one for another friends coffee shop by trying my hand at joomla or may just use dreamweaver.

    I would like to create a logo and menu, not the same but, similar to the one below. Would it work If I used an image map to create the clickable areas for the menu as part of the main logo or is there a better alternative. As you can see the menu items seem to be part of the image. If image maps are the way to go has anyone used photoshop to create the image map code? I believe Photoshop has the functionality to do it. (">

    Image capture taken from this live demo template: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Default Re: Creating a site menu using an image map?

    Image map would work, they are basic enough.
    Would you not prefer to have some 'mouseover' action for the buttons though so it feels a bit more interactive?

    As for implementing image maps, I have always just done it in the HTML. Providing you know the coordinates of the click-able areas, which is easy enough to get, it is simple.
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