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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Default Hi Everyone

    I've just joined. I live in Scotland I am a Mac/ipad user who has just discovered Android tablets. I joined this forum in order to find out how to install new rom etc in Hanspad. Sadly due to total inexperience of Android tablets I wouldn't be able to offer anything in return unless anyone is interested in what's happening with Scottish Independence referendum debate. I have no clue what on earth I could put in 10 posts in order to gain access to Hanspad 10" rom install guide.

    Perhaps I could remind everyone in UK that summer time starts tonight clocks go forward.

    Any suggestions how I could fill 10 posts?

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    Default Re: Hi Everyone

    Well first of all don't "just post 10 posts in reorder to access the information you need" - that will be seen as leeching and you will be banned.

    DF is a community and we have a lot of people who join just to access info (leech) and then disappear. If this is the case, you can expect a moderator to be along shortly to kick you out the door. }

    The 10 post rule is there to ensure you DONT post meaningless crap. You will have recieved a welcome message, please read it and abide by the forums rules and each sections rules.

    This is a worthwhile community and we all share knowledge of a multitude of various subjects, not just android platforms.

    If you have any other hobbies, interests, please feel free to tell us a bit more, take your time posting and you will find this is a very welcoming community, one or two oddballs but that makes it fun.

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