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Thread: data extension?

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    Default data extension?

    hi all,

    ive run 2 data cables (Cat-5) from my master socket, its the mk2 NTE with built in fibre port

    basically wanted to hook from the data cable socket via ethernet to the computer and xbox in the other room, but having no joy, however when i put my hub5 upstairs plugged in to the data socket it syncs fine....

    so how do i get it working upstairs as the wiring is correct as modem is syncing upstairs, i was in the understanding aslong as the asdl line is plugged in downstairs, the signal would transfer through the data cable giving me direct ethernet access from the data socket upstairs?

    feels like i may aswell run a ethernet extension and not messed about with wiring data cable....

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    Default Re: data extension?

    I'm not sure if it's how tired I am or your explanation but I'm not following too well...

    I assume you are on BT infinity and so are not using adsl? The hub needs to connect to the line that was installed, it sounds like the upstairs connection is an extension of the downstairs master socket hence the hub connects to the service ok. Your data extensions for your PC/xbox need to be connected into the hub, if you have a straight port from downstairs to upstairs then you can connect a cables from the back of the hub to the downstairs port then from the upstairs port to your device. If you need more connections you can install a switch.

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