Fitness has been consistent through my life from the first day I stepped foot in the gym. From weight lifting, running, surfing, kickboxing, boxing, swimming and an array of sports in high school.* I have always prioritized health and fitness throughout my life; it has kept me more competitive and focused in everything. I strongly believe there is a direct correlation between fitness and success.
Studies even back up the claims that fitness makes you more success in your life. A study that took 1,300 executives who earn 100,000+ 75% of them stated that physical fitness is “critical” for career success. An additional 17% said that fitness was a nice 2nd goal to their #1 goal making money. When questioned about being over weight the executives said it was a “serious career impediment.”
Personally speaking for myself I have struggled with attention deficit disorder, which will fall into the metal perks category. Fitness has been a medication for me that help me keep focused, happy and competitive. When doctors suggested I use medication to treat my mental disorder, I turned to fitness as a healthy alternative.
Let’s talk about the 6 ways that fitness will put more money in your pocket
1) Confidence –
A fit individual will have more confidence and higher self-esteem. They will carry themselves differently and be more assertive. Imagine you have a huge business conference that you are speaking at, are you some that gets nervous? Next time you give a speech go on a strenuous run before hand, you will be amazed at how much calmer and increased confidence with one workout session.

2) Productivity and Energy –
It’s no secret if you workout and has a normal exercise routine you will have much more energy through the day. Energy is very important in the workforce, as you will be faced with challenges that you will have to overcome. There is a study by Jim McKenna, which was conducted, that specifically shows that if you exercise regularly your work performance will be consistently higher.
3) Challenges –
When you’re in the gym or on a run or whatever type of exercise you will more than likely be faced with challenges. You become use to being pushed outside of your comfort zone when you train. Being use to being outside of your comfort zone makes you accept challenges more easily. This will increase your stamina and mental stamina alike. As a businessman or woman, you will have to face challenges in the workforce often while keeping mental focus on priorities and goals.

4) Mental Perks –
Is stress something you deal with in the workspace? Working out has been proven to aid in the management of stress, increasing endorphins in your brain. Endorphins make you feel good and give you a healthy “buzz”. Not only does this directly help your brain, but focuses more on your body for a period of time distracts you away from any other things that may be stressing you out.
Do you struggle with anxiety or depression or even Insomnia? According to an article by the Mayo Clinic exercise reduces depression, anxiety and improves your sleeping patterns. Sleeping alone can be disrupted by anxiety, stress and depression but you can help squelch this with exercise.* It’s always nice to be rested for work, you think more clearly and you can handle your workload much more efficient.
5) Creativity-
Ever thought being active would make you more creative? I but not but a recent study suggest it just that [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. It shows that even with moderate exercise it improves our cognitive ability and our ability to create. Are you someone that has a creative line of work? Tryout a hard workout or a run next time you have to let your creative juice flow.

6) Your influence on others-
This is my personal favorite perk, your influence on your friends and coworkers is extremely important. This is even more important if you are an executive or a leader in the workspace. People will naturally gravitate towards you if you have good discipline, which most fitness people do.
The influence on fitness in the workforce will also improve the bottom line of a business. It also influences people’s immune systems and prevents them from getting sick, therefor reducing healthcare costs and improving work attendance.* So if you have a business consider the following fact as it will improve your bottom line, and save your business money.
Next time you think fitness and health will have a negative impact on your working ability, your business or even your cash flow consider the aforementioned reasons. Walk into work with your head high, feeling great about the new day and utilize the benefits of getting great sleep, staying focused and taking on the business challenges you are faced with. Fitness equals success.
-Terry Asher

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