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    Default TomTom iPhone Car Kit


    Has anyone got experience with one of these?

    I've been using my old 3GS as a sat nav on and off for a while and it's mostly been okay. Admittedly I rarely used it, but when I did I didn't recall any issues. However recently I've been on the road a lot more and been using it nearly every day. I started to notice that it was often losing GPS signal or locating me off the route (weak signal) and generally fucking me about. This is very annoying especially when you are trying to avoid traffic or take a different route and it puts you in a field...

    So I decided to buy the TomTom car kit for the 3GS as it supposedly has it's own gps receiver to make the signal better.

    So having got one of eBay for a score, I tried it this morning and it did "seem" to be a bit better. But I can't tell if it's better or not, or just got a better signal as the weather was clearer. I'm wondering if you have to do anything to use the external GPS thing on the iPhone or TomTom app.

    Couple of weird things are that i sometimes get a message saying accessory not supported by this iphone. And also a message like "You need to download a tomtom app to use this accessory"

    I'm using a JB iPhone 3GS on ios 6.1 and tomtom western version 1.13.

    There is no sim card in the phone, but this has never caused an issue before.

    I'm gonna maybe try the following:

    Upgrage to IOS 6.1.6 (latest for 3GS)
    Try the latest UK and IE app (maybe the smaller map/app size will work better?)

    Any help?

    DJ OD
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