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    Newbie Xbox hard drive & Titanfall

    guys im total noob when comes to gaming other than ps or pc, anyway mate has just bought his kids titanfall on
    xbox 360 but apparently it requires hardrive and not just memory stick etc

    whats his best and cheapest option of sorting this

    one normal 360 and one of them is slim

    do these take 2.5 or 3.5 drives and can i just bang a couple in for him and format them ? anything else i need like cables etc ?

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    Default Re: Xbox hard drive & Titanfall

    If its not Jtag/rgh then only certain models will do afaik... (250GB or 320GB)

    Deffo need 2.5" drives....

    If it is RGH e.t.c then anything pretty much


    - WD Scorpio Series BEVS/BEAS
    - WD Scorpio Blue Series BEVS/BEVT
    - WD Scorpio Black Series BEKT/BJKT
    - WD VelociRaptor Series

    For non jtag (as above I think 250GB or 320GB)

    Thanks to macmilm

    Mobileman (25th April 2014) 

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    Default Re: Xbox hard drive & Titanfall

    The cheapest way is to buy a 20gb official harddrive say from cex about 6 pounds, check you tube to see how you can extract harddrive from it. Slim will then take the extracted harddrive. Had exact same problem with halo reach with my boys. Cheap easy fix on slims. Normal 360 lol just buy harddrive from cex and dont rip apart.

    Thanks to hutch

    Mobileman (25th April 2014) 

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