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    Default Fitting 1.65v ram in a HP N54L microserver. Will it work?

    When buying components back in January for a new PC build I bought 4gig x 2 Corsair Vengeance pro 2133 memory but didn't realise they were 1.65 v instead of the 1.5 v I needed. By the time I got around to building the PC it was too late to send them back so I ended up ordering the 1.5 v Vengeance pro for my needs.

    Only have 2g memory in my N54L Microserver so was wondering if these would work before I try selling them on. Even though the N54L spec requires 1.5 v memory I have since found out that some motherboards will run fine with 1.65 v memory.

    Thought I would ask here rather than try the memory in the N54L because if not suitable it will be easier to sell in its sealed unopened packaging. (">
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    Default Re: Fitting 1.62v ram in a HP N54L microserver. Will it work?

    You would also need to remove the heat sinks to fit into the server. Personally I prefer 1.5v ram, I have stability issues in the past with 1.65v stuff. If it's still packaged would be a good idea to sell on as it's high end and get yourself something more suitable. I made a similar mistake and bought some ECC ram for my server but another spec was incompatible.

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