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    Default Being Self employed

    Hi guys

    I'm after some simple advice.
    I'm hoping it's simple anyways.
    I'm a chef to trade and am thinking of doing some extra work.
    Basically I work full time at the moment and have been asked to work somewhere a few nights a week to help out as there in the shit.
    I don't think it's going to be long term maybe a few months.
    However they want me on a self employed basis so they don't need to worry about holiday pay etc.
    I'm fine with that as it's extra pocket money for me and I say when I can and can't work.
    So what I really want to know is how easy is it for me to register as self employed?
    Is it going to cause me a major headache with my PAYE in my full time job??
    Anything else I should be considering??

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Being Self employed

    Just ring hmrc they are really helpful. Will need to do a tax return though. And remember national insurance.

    Hmrc normally run day courses to help with what you need to do.

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