"As many of you know I have been very busy with real life and other projects I have been working on. I really had very little time to dedicate to Tortuga Cove. When Condor and I started this little site years ago, we had 1 goal in mind. Drama and spam free console hack1ng news site. We feel we accomplished this goal. Unfortunately other things have now came up with me and Condor, we simply don't have the time to dedicate like we used to. With saying this I would like to announce the new owner of Tortuga Cove. XDK. Many of you know him from the X360 scene as well as other places. I had to make a decision to either close TC or find a like minded individual to take over. I feel I chose the right man for the job. As just a mention here, the site was given not sold. Tortuga Cove still stands on the fact we are not a commercial website site like some other ones.

The site should continue forward with it's original intention, but any changes made by XDK, I will fully support. It's been amazing running TC and meeting all the people I have. I will be around from time to time as well. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Thanks Guys For The Amazing Years!"

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

I wish him luck and wait for good things to come.