selling books - ziffit?

Thread: selling books - ziffit?

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    Help selling books - ziffit?

    Anyone used ziffit to sell books? Are they any good?

    In mymission to get shut of a load of crap I have done all my CD's via muscmagpie now looking to get rid of all my books and have come across the ziffit site - they have an app so you can scan your books in to get prices etc - was just going to give them all to a charity shop or similar but reckon I will give these a go.

    Probably have around 500 books which are pretty much useless to me now as I use a kindle to read on

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    Hmm out of the 10 books I just scanned they will only accept one - Minority Report which they would give me 47p for

    I guess I may just scan them all and see whwt they will accept and then give the rest to a charity shop

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    Fk that, I just put a barcode in for a book I accidentally bought a duplicate of. It's in pristine condition, never even been opened. Ziffit offered me 24p when I could get easily over 10 for it on Amazon as it's a hardback and you can't get the HB on Amazon any more.