Ok everyone here is my problem. My brother and I are going to the Augusta Masters next year for his 50th birthday. The flights are booked and the announcement for the draw for the tournament tickets has just been announced. We have registered ourselves and applied for tickets but these tickets are like gold dust. I am looking for fellow members on here to do me a favour if they could and register their details and also try and get tickets for us. We are trying to get 2 tickets for both the Par 3 day on the Wednesday and the first days play on the Thursday.I understand that there is a chance that if enough of you help me out that more than one of us could get tickets and the money debited from your cards.I can and will if you require buy ALL the tickets for those 2 days from anyone that helps me out (if that is what you want) as I also understand that you may want to sell them for profit yourselves.If possible we would like to buy our tickets through the official draw method rather than pay a company £3800 each for the two days of golf.If you can or would help I would be in your debt hugely.Here is the link for anyone who would like to help a fellow DF'er out.The drawer closes on June 1st.[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Thanks to anyone that does and here's hoping we can get some tickets