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    Default Krakow in november?

    HAs anyone been to krakow in november, to do the auschwiz tour and generally look around the town?

    I'm thinking of a 3-4 days in november for me and the missus.

    just wondered if anyone has had experience of that place at that time of year??


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    Default Re: Krakow in november?

    Ive been there in the winter and the summer and i enjoyed both - obviously its cold in November but they are well set up for it - theres some really nice bars and its pretty cheap its a nice place to visit for a few days theres also the salt mine you can visit or go shooting ak47s for a laugh. Auschwitz is interesting but can be a very depressing but never the less its something you should see - Birkenhau is included with the ticket for Auschwitz and its only 10 mins further away and i found that a lot more daunting as its just been left to rot and you can walk around it freely whereas Aushwitz is more of a museum and is well kept and maintained.

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