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    Funny Memorable dates in Manchester City's Illustrious History

    Memorable dates in Manchester City's Illustrious History:

    1937: Division 1 Title Winners for the first time, under Wilf Wild
    1956: FA Cup Winners under Les McDowall
    1968: Division 1 Title Winners under Joe Mercer
    1969: FA Cup Winners under Joe Mercer
    1983: Yaya Toure is born
    1984: Yaya Toure's 1st Birthday
    1985: Yaya Toure's 2nd Birthday
    1986: Yaya Toure's 3rd Birthday
    1987: Yaya Toure's 4th Birthday
    1988: Yaya Toure's 5th Birthday
    1989: Yaya Toure's 6th Birthday
    1990: Yaya Toure's 7th Birthday
    1991: Yaya Toure's 8th Birthday
    1992: Yaya Toure's 9th Birthday
    1993: Yaya Toure's 10th Birthday
    1994: Yaya Toure's 11th Birthday
    1995: Yaya Toure's 12th Birthday
    1996: Yaya Toure's 13th Birthday
    1997: Yaya Toure's 14th Birthday
    1998: Yaya Toure's 15th Birthday
    1999: Yaya Toure's 16th Birthday
    2000: Yaya Toure's 17th Birthday
    2001: Yaya Toure's 18th Birthday
    2002: Yaya Toure's 19th Birthday
    2003: Yaya Toure's 20th Birthday
    2004: Yaya Toure's 21st Birthday
    2005: Yaya Toure's 22nd Birthday
    2006: Yaya Toure's 23rd Birthday
    2007: Yaya Toure's 24th Birthday
    2008: Yaya Toure's 25th Birthday
    2009: Yaya Toure's 26th Birthday
    2010: Yaya Toure's 27th Birthday
    2011: Yaya Toure's 28th Birthday; FA Cup Winners under Roberto Mancini
    2012: Yaya Toure's 29th Birthday; Premier League Champions under Roberto Mancini
    2013: Yaya Toure's 30th Birthday
    2014: Yaya Toure's 31st Birthday; Premier League Champions under Manuel Pellegrini

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    Default Re: Memorable dates in Manchester City's Illustrious History

    Gayest post I've ever seen!

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