Has anyone played this game? Its a kinda top down factory line building game.

The basic premise is that you have landed on an alien planet and you have to prepare it for human colonisation. Which basically involves collecting different materials that you can use to manufacture science packs that are used for research. The key part of this game is making the manufacturing process automated. This is done using transport belts to move materials around and setting up robot arms to insert the material into furnaces or crafting machines. Things get really complicated later in the game. You are doing all of this while fighting off attacks from aliens which are attracted to pollution that you create.

It doesnt sound all that interesting but it is super addictive. On several occasions I have put it one intending to play for an hour and have ended up playing for several hours.

The game is in Alpha at the moment but there is a demo available and the alpha is pretty cheap, 10 euros.

I am fairly far into my first factory so if you need any hep with how things work I maybe able to help but I am no expert.

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