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    Default Spray painting masks...

    going to be doing a fair bit of spray painting in the next few months, aerosol cans only ... having only ever used the paper style masks (which are the wrong type), does anyone know what the requirements are for spray painting masks? I assume some sort of respirator, but with regards to type and particle size I am clueless.

    Anyone here who works in the automotive/bodywork industry who can advise?

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    Default Re: Spray painting masks...

    I have always used masks from Machine Mart. The one I have has been discontinued but is very similar to this one which replaces it. I find they are comfortable and work well. This one also has very good reviews. It uses replaceable filters which will work out cheaper in the long run as the filters have a limited life after opening even if not used much. (">

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    Edit: Would have expected you to have contacts from the time your ship was in dry dock being painted/refurbished that could let you have a mask or two. I know I would have a scrounged a box full of goodies from the experience. (">
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