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    XboxOne Ninja Theory "Beggar's Opera" Xbox One project leaked by video

    A video of an unannounced Ninja Theory project for "next gen consoles" has appeared online, care of an artist's portfolio spotted by Superannuation. A Dualshockers reader has preserved a copy of it for posterity. What do you think? Looks... gothic. The blue-haired lady should be familiar from last July's Ninja Theory sizzle reel. A cached version of the portfolio describes the video as an "R&D Project", filed under "Cinematics", which employs "Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, UV Layout [and] Unreal Engine 4 (early version)". The title is "Beggar's Opera". There's no sound, but I'm prepared to bet that the dialogue involves the word "guv'nor".

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    According to the developer's product manager Dominic Matthews, Xbox One's "true potential" hasn't been "realised" yet. "We know what can be done with the technology, and it is impressive, we just need some time for this to be realized in games that will actually be in the hands of players," he told said in April.

    "I personally like the ability to capture your gameplay on the Xbox One, being able to share your game experiences very easily is great. It will make the life of those crazy combo video makers a lot easier! I'm also very interested to see if voice control really is the future. At the moment it feels like technology that is cool, but that hasn't seamlessly worked its way into the way we play games.

    "I'd like to see more games use it in ways that makes playing games more user friendly, like using one word to access a menu that might otherwise be multiple button presses away."

    Here's hoping for an E3 reveal.

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