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    Default Beware of this false 'declare sorn' site.

    Deciding to declare sorn on my bike until I had done some work on it and got a new MOT, I typed 'declare sorn' into Google. Clicked on [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and continued to the page to fill in my details. Clicked next which took me to a page asking for my card payment details. Clicked back thinking I had chosen an incorrect link and was somehow in the process of applying for a new tax disk. I then noticed a statement on the top of the page saying that there was a £35 charge to declare sorn. I was outraged and my first over the top thoughts were:

    This time they have gone too far. They can go fuck themselves if they think I am paying to not tax a vehicle which I am not using. They are not getting any money out of me even if the end result is me barricading myself into my home with a shotgun facing the drive. If nothing more than to get media attention and highlight the rip off society we live in.
    I have always believed that its only a matter of time before something snaps and I end up in that situation anyway.

    I then looked at the web address which didn't include the part so became suspicious. Sure enough its a rip off site designed to look similar enough to the genuine one to fool anyone that has previously used and recognises certain aspects of the genuine DVLA site, such as the links down the left side. The sites are not identical but I recognised the links down the left hand side from the time I had previously sorn'd a vehicle and the colours are similar.

    I wonder how many unsuspecting naive people have been caught by this site and have paid the £35 to declare sorn. I am going to report it to DVLA. There is a copyright issue to start with but I also believe this is bordering on fraud because it is designed to look similar to the genuine site and it doesn't offer a service making it easier to declare sorn. It is actually a longer process because you have to add additional details whereas the genuine site is very straightforward. I'm guessing they do declare sorn on your behalf but it in my opinion it should be illegal as it fools people into paying for something when there is no need to.

    Now if they had put a £3 'administration charge', although not happy but to avoid any inconvenience, I may have even continued to enter my card details without thinking too much about it. (">

    The Google listing with the copycat site being listed first. I see the small 'Ad' icon now but the first thing that catches your eye is the 'Declare Sorn Online' wording.

    This is the genuine DVLA site

    This is the copy site that rip you off to the tune of £35
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