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    Default Battlefield: Hardline release date confirmed by new trailer

    There's something about the current fad for trailers that match music beats with action from the game/film/Lurpak advert. I'm not sure if it's the feeling that it's all a little manufactured, or sympathy pains for the beleaguered video editor who had to splice it all together but these things makes me uncomfortable. It's personally quite a relief, then, that the bombastic new Battlefield: Hardline trailer fades to a comfortable, silent black to announce its (currently US-only) release date.

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    If you've already seen the leaked introduction video, there's not too much new footage included in here, but that pleasing sense of mad, bad coppery and robbery remains - I'm particularly fond of the Bad Boys-esque back-to-back stance leading man Nick Mendoza and his partner take up at the 27-second mark, mainly because I'm always asking Edwin to do it with me as motivation before we start tackling the news each morning. He never does.

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    Default Re: Battlefield: Hardline release date confirmed by new trailer

    Some of those animations.. not good.

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