Refill Puritane at Home?

Thread: Refill Puritane at Home?

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    Over Carl said:

    Question Refill Puritane at Home?

    Got given one of these and I think I could get used to it but I don't like the idea of paying Imperial Tobacco for overpriced refills.

    Any ways to refill with liquid obtained elsewhere?
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    Hippie on hill said:

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    Not seen a puritane carto but if the mouth piece end has a plastic cap on it I'd try pulling it off and seeing what's inside m8.
    Odds are you'll find a fibrous material or cavity inside that holds the eliquid, which you'll be able to drip some more liquid into to refil.

    Tbqh tho you'd better off with a different setup like an ego battery and CE4 clearos or a variable voltage\wattage battery and a rebuildable tank setup ime with universal parts you can change yourself without having to shell out a premium for proprietary specific parts like you will with the Puritane.
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    I bought a pack of 5 Skycig refills for a tenner and I've managed to get the insides out of one and put it inside the Puritane cartridge. You were spot on that both had some kind of material soaked in liquid. I think I might stick with this thing for a bit but try some different liquid in it.